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About MyHoardings

MyHoardings is a leading portal to cater various advertising and branding needs of clients, ranging from hoardings to bus branding, Cab Branding to Airport Ads and train advertising. With total range of advertising solutions, you can expect the best offers of media buying with us.

Outdoor hoardings: At My Hoardings our mission is to make the best media accessible to all consumers "My Hoardings DELIVERS RESULTS THROUGH GREAT IDEAS" provides a unique and centralized place to Business owners to search for their Outdoor business promotion needs in the form of all Out of Home (OOH) advertising services (Viz. Outdoor hoardings ,Advertisement on Railways ,Ads On/In Buses, Mobile Hoardings , Advertising on Taxi , Newspaper Advertising , Promotion of Business via TV and Radio/FM Commercials ,Signage ,Digital Ads ,3D Ads ,Exhibition advertising in more ..

Cab branding:  MyHoarding is a platform which provides all kind of cab and car advertising space with design. With the advent of taxi or cab services, commuting in metro cities has become a smooth experience. Earlier taxis were hired mostly for long distances or were used as airport pick an drop vehicles but with private companies offering transportation for short distances across the cities, they have become the first choice of large section of the society.

When we think of cab services, the most popular name that pops up in our minds is the Ola cabs. The very fact that the passenger can book the rides using an app and can pay through mobile wallets like Paytm, Ola Money etc. make Ola cab service more than convenient.

Bus Branding: Bus Branding has evolved over the years. Earlier messages of public interests and government schemes would only be advertised on buses or at the bus shelters. But with private companies providing bus services for local and inter-state travel, outdoor advertising scenarios have also changed. Now, we can see advertisements of various brands and services on the buses and bus-shelters. Weighing the impact of transit advertising, advertisers make bus branding an important part of their outdoor advertising campaigns.

Airport advertising: In today's time, airports are more than just a place for taking flights, airports have turned into an environment where you can shop, eat and relax while you wait for flight's boarding time. Airport advertising comes under the category of out-of-advertising (OOH).  Where TV, print and radio commercials are seen as loud and forceful advertising, outdoor advertising is considered as more subtle way of reaching the target audience. MyHoarding is a platform which provides all kind of airport advertising space with design.

Railway Station Advertising: While advertising, everyone aims to reach as many numbers of people as possible in one shot. And outdoor advertising or out-of-home advertising is one of the best ways to target masses of people at a time.

MyHording Outdoor advertising uses different places or things as media option and put advertise thereon. In this reference, railway station advertising is cheap and hit more customers compared to other media of OOH advertising.