Why Airport advertising is considered one of the most effective types of advertising?

People in the airport will be excited for their upcoming trip and they will be in a good mindset. Airport is the place where we can find affluent families, businessman, NRI and few other as a potential customer for any brand. These peoples spend time in airport (ambient environment) by going through ticketing, security and baggage claim so chances of viewing advertisements around them will be high. Most people love to do shopping even-though price are high.

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Let’s think about it if you can afford a plane ticket then it shows that your purchasing power is more as compared to a person who travels by bus or other cheap public transport.

If my ads are at the airport then I’m targeting the high purchasing prosperity people who will definitely purchase my product.

The targeting depends upon the quality of the leads and people.

If I have a high-value brand/ product definitely I will advertise it in premium locations because it’s for the high profile people.

Like Malls, advertisements are also more effective.

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