Tue. Mar 31st, 2020


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A major South Indian media firm, PlayAds, joins hands with the Kerala State Government to create awareness about Coronavirus

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As the country braces itself up for social distancing and better hygiene, PlayAds takes a commendable act to generate awareness. In a thoughtful and moving step, PlayAds, the well-renowned media firm, wishes to do its bit in these trying times. The South Indian media giant has partnered up with the State Government of Kerala in digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising. Through this advertising, the people of Kerala will have greater exposure to verified information about the pandemic disease COVID-19. The State Government along with the help of PlayAds hopes to reach out to more people to inform them about the dos and the don’ts of the prevention of this disease.

People and health officials across the country are already applauding the Kerala government for its way of tackling the disease. The state is, undoubtedly, leading by example. Currently, there are 300 digital screens playing informatory AVs in different railway stations of the state to spread greater awareness. Furthermore, to lessen the number of victims of this pandemic disease, the company has ceased its touch screen operations. PlayAds states that this is a necessary precaution to stop the virus from spreading further among the people.

PlayAds have always chipped in to contribute generously to the state’s testing times. They have gradually gained a reputation for doing samaritan work as well as being the leading DOOH platform. For instance, most of the digital screens of PlayAds, during the destructive Kerala floods, were showing the necessary helpline numbers. As of now, these 300 digital screens are displaying the state helpline numbers set up for inquiries regarding the novel COVID-19 and the contact numbers of the major hospitals in the state, along with the state guidelines on the disease.