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Ad formats to get the best results.

How does in-app advertising work? What is it?

The success or failure of any advertising campaign depends on various factors such as disseminating the ad message at the right time, through right medium and to the right audience. If any of these factors is compromised, the ad campaign might not generate desired results. To ensure that the brand message is delivered to the right audience at the right time, the advertisers must choose the correct medium to carry the brand message to the target audience.

While choose the medium, the advertisers must select an ad format that fit the advertising campaign, for instance, a clothing line launch ad is better advertised through TV, mobile and print ads than through radio ads. A new launch means new collection and designs and as radio is only an audio medium, it will fail to connect to the target audience who might be willing to get a glimpse of the new collection launched.

Here is the list of popular ad formats that will help any advertising campaign to reach its goal easily.


This ad format saves the advertisers from ‘ad blindness’, which refers having to overlook the ad due to improper ad placement. Popunder, as the term suggests, lets your ad show on the bottom of the website page or tab, once the user clicks the page. The ad area is designated right under the active window of the user. So, if a user click on the a shirt displayed on the clothing website, then , the moment the user would click the ad for more details of the shirt, the pop under ad will immediately show up.

The benefits of using Popunder ad formats are:






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