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Ad options for advertising on Chennai Airport

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Chennai, the capital of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, is the gateway of south India. Other than being the ‘Detroit of India’, Chennai is a major part of the Indian medical tourism industry and as an ad options. Additionally, Chennai is also the home to major multi-national companies in the southern region of the country. And it has quite a few renowned educational institutions and world-famous UNESCO heritage sites. Therefore, it does not come across as a surprise that Chennai receives visitors from both national and international destinations.

Chennai is the center of economic activities in South India. Consequently, the city ranks at the top of the list of advertisers and brands across India for brand promotion. And there is seldom any advertising medium that is as effective and quick as airport advertising. Chennai Airport gets a monthly footfall of 1.75 million people. Therefore, the possible brand visibility could be in thousands in Chennai Airport each day.

Other than the above, branding at Chennai Airport gives ample scope to brands to interact with their viewers. A passenger spends at least 3 hours in an airport to board their flight. This gives an abundant opportunity to the advertisers to get their brands noticed by people. Consequently, the advertisers opt for branding at the lounge area, the departure area, at the security check-in, etc. to create an indelible impact in the minds of the potential consumers. Also, the airport caters to the most wealthy and affluent sections of the city. Therefore, the probability of turning brand visibility into purchases is high through advertising at the Chennai airport.

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Ad options available at the Chennai Airport for brand promotion:

Chennai airport has an array of advertising media options. Some of them are:

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So, invest in a thorough campaign in the fourth-busiest airport in the country to efficiently make use of the dwell time of the passengers in Chennai airport.

Top Indian Airports for Advertising

Name Of AirportMedia OptionsMonthly Footfall
Mumbai Airport Luggage Trolley, Digital Screen, Newspaper Stickers48 Lakh
Delhi Airport Luggage Trolley, Digital Screen, Newspaper Stickers55 Lakh
Bangalore Airport Luggage Trolley, Digital Screen, Newspaper Stickers26 Lakh
Chennai Airport Luggage Trolley, Digital Screen, Newspaper Stickers19 Lakh
Hyderabad Airport Luggage Trolley, Digital Screen, Newspaper Stickers16 Lakh
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