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Autos come handy for outdoor advertising in Mumbai!

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Three-wheeler or autos are highly popular mode of transportation for Mumbaikars. Mumbai roads are usually jam packed but autos make smooth way out even in heavy traffic jams and make it possible for office-goers, students and local people to reach their destination on time. Transportation is not the only purpose rather advertising is another important purpose that these autos serve. The autos of Mumbai are considered the most appropriate media through which the brands can advertise themselves.

Auto advertising in Mumbai makes it easy for the brands to reach larger and undiversified set of audience. As a means of mass communication, the autos act as media-vehicle through which brand message can reach places where it is hard for other outdoor media to penetrate. As auto-advertising is short, crisp, creative and focused, it tends to be more impactful than other outdoor media.

Tips and Tricks to make auto-advertising in Mumbai work for your brand:

  1. Keep the advertising message short and impactful. Use provoking words that push the target audience to take quick action. Words such as ‘Book Now’, ‘Limited Offer’, ‘Click to know more’ etc. are few examples of call to action words.
  2. Ad-space allocation holds a lot of importance as the point of receiving the message should be such that the audience can read, interpret and understand the complete message. In Mumbai only back side sticker is allowed, so if you wish to take the advantage of this ad-space then one must design the ad message accordingly.
  3. Local brands must invest in auto-advertising in Mumbai as the ridership of auto comprises of mainly local audience. The accessibility of a product or service effects the connectivity of the brand with audience. Brands like Healthcare, Banking and Financial, Beauty and FMCG products can benefit significantly from auto-advertising in Mumbai.
  4. A brand can book a fleet of autos that run on a particular route or can also book autos that cover selective places like schools, industrial areas etc. to communicate the brand message to a defined set of audience.


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