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Burger King and OKRP joins hands to launch a brand new ad campaign!

Burger King and OKRP joins hands to launch a brand

Burger King and OKRP –

Burger King has partnered with the creative agency, OKRP to reposition the brand through an innovative and appealing brand campaign. The new ad campaign with the new tagline ‘You Rule’, propels the brand’s “Reclaim the Flame” campaign forward that was announced in early September.

Burger King is a global fast food chain that has always put customer choice’s first. Through the simple yet meaningful ad campaign designed by the partner creative agency, OKRP, the brand is trying to reposition itself where the idea of ‘Have it your way’ packed in the fresh tag line ‘You Rule’, to emphasis that the burger brand is beyond product customization. The new ad campaign focuses on burger as a part of celebration of people with different backgrounds and ethnicity.

Through the freshly launched advertisements, it is trying to build the brand image by positioning it is a fast food brand that emphasizes on celebrating the culture and lifestyle of people and not just sells them a customized product. The ad depicts people with different ethnicity enjoying their favorite burger and variety of fast food items the way they like depending on the moods, festivities and seasons. The ‘You Rule’ anthem plays along the ad that also has lines from the older tag line ‘have it your way’. The ad showcases how Burger King is a part of their day to day life as well as big celebrations.

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