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Bus Shelter Advertising to get your brands notice in Gujarat and Ahmedabad!

BQS branding, Bus Stop Advertising, Outdoor bus stop branding in Gujarat.

BQS Ads in Ahmedabad help brands boost their visibility !!

A non-stop city like Ahmedabad needs a non-stop transportation service that facilitates the city people to travel across the city smoothly. The Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Service (AMTS) does the same. With daily ridership of 5lacs, the bus service covers more than 33 districts across Ahmedabad. This indeed represents the dependency of the citizens over the bus service to reach their destinations. The daily passengers include office goers, school and college children and staff etc. The AMTS buses are not only lifelines of the city but also offer an unmatched advertising opportunity for various brands and services. Be it bus advertising or bus shelter advertising, the advertisers can attract majority of regional audience through bus advertising.

Bus services in Ahmedabad cover old city as well as the urban areas, this diverse route coverage, helps the brands to reach maximum audience. The bus routes cover areas and places that might not be the hot spot for other outdoor advertising displays due to space concerns. But with bus shelter advertising, the advertisers can cover even those spaces which are otherwise difficult to reach. The AMTS has 2500+ outdoor spaces which ensure that every prime as well as remote area of the city is covered through bus shelters and bus services. Therefore, advertising at bus shelters help the brands to gain maximum reach and visibility in one city.

Through bus shelter advertising, the brands can cover 80% of Ahmedabad’s population. Ahmedabad has a population with 88% literacy rate and per capita income of 2Lacs, this statics ensure that the any brand be it standard or premium can make use of bus shelter advertising to attain several advertising goals such as brand visibility, brand awareness, brand reinforcement and brand recall. As maximum bus riders are also daily passengers, the repeat visibility of any advertising displayed at bus shelter results into higher brand recall and impressive brand reinforcement.

Major advantages of advertising at AMTS bus shelters:

Which locations are appropriate for bus shelter advertising in Gujarat?

Important bus shelters to cover through bus shelter advertising in Ahmedabad city include:

These are only few bus shelter names out of 2500+ spaces available across Gujarat. Bus shelter spaces are clean, clutter-free and provide optimum space for outdoor advertising.

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