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Cinema Advertising: Playing with the psychographics of the target audience!

Cinema Branding,Mall Advertising, How to advertise in Cinema Halls? Best Cinema branding agency in India

Big screen, surround sound, dark space and captive audience make up for the best advertising opportunity to create high brand recall. Cinema branding concentrates on the psychographics of the audience along with demographics to connect with the audience in the theatre. By creating engaging content based on the opinions, hobbies, personality profiles, activities, interests emotional triggers etc., the brands make an attempt to influence the target audience through these psychographic segmentation parameters. The content crafted cautiously for the theatre audience aims more at reaching quality audience than at quantity reach.

Establishing a bridge between mall goers and movie watchers:

List of Famous RJs in India

RJs NameFM Station
Siddharth Kannan104.8 FM
RJ Naved98.3 FM
RJ Malishka93.5 FM
Salil Acharya91.1 FM
RJ Raunac93.5 FM

Cinema branding is qualitative OOH advertising tool:

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