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Digital Screens on Hyderabad Metro Trains works as best advertising tool.

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Metro Train Branding | Metro Trains Advertising

Hyderabad metro train runs across the city, offering daily commuters comfortable and affordable travel. The metro train is categorized into three lanes, Blue, Red and Green, covering major areas of the city. The train timing is usually between 6 am in the morning to 11:15 pm at night. The Hyderabad metro train authorities make sure that both metro coaches and the metro stations are well organized, neat, and clean. The metro train covers a distance of 72 kilometers through  57 stations. Other facilities like feeder buses, smart metro card service and help-desks, make Hyderabad metro trains the smoothest public transport system.

As Hyderabad metro stations are well-organized, spacious and bear proper lighting in corridors and waiting areas, they make for perfect advertising space. Metro stations observe huge footfall of people on daily basis. Hyderabad metro station has an average daily ridership of more than 4lakh. The train also bears a women exclusive coach too.

Advertisers can implement different advertising tools to garner the attention of metro train audiences to gain maximum visibility and reach. Apart from the common advertising tools such as billboards, posters, announcements, and kiosks advertising, the brands can advance to the most interactive tool for advertising that is digital screens.

Adverting through digital screens in metro trains:

Be it initiating brand awareness, launching a new product, announcing discounts or creating brand reinforcement, digital screens work wonderfully to support campaigns to reap maximum results. As these screens can track ad engagement and audience response, the advertisers can customise the campaign anytime for better results. The ability of digital screens to offer real-time data about  ad campaigns makes them a sure-shot tool of getting desired audience attention.

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