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DOOH Ad Options in Delhi

DOOH Ad Options in Delhi

The trend of digitization has taken the country by storm. This has been furthered by the dependence on the digital mediums for our daily functioning during the COVID times. This DOOH Ad Options in Delhi has given a strong signal to the advertisers. As normalcy is restoring gradually in our lives, the OOH platforms are making a comeback. However, this time the preference of the OOH platforms has changed a bit. digital screen advertising has been on the rise in the current scenario.

Advertisers are mostly interested in opting for DOOH. DOOH (Digital Out of Home) Advertising has changed the way people consume media and advertising. This is because it combines the popularity of the medium along with the advantages of digital advertising. As a result, digital screens have been popping up in almost every corner of the country. Similarly, the people of Delhi too have been gradually warming up to the sight of DOOH advertising.

DOOH has seen a rise in digital advertising properties over the last few years. Digital smart screens have been placed in prime locations in the city like Connaught Place, Khan Market, Sarojini Nagar Market, etc. Each of these digital smart screens promises 3 million views on a daily basis. Therefore, with the promising outreach formula of DOOH, sizeable brand impressions are guaranteed. Other than the above mentioned prime locations, digital OOH screens can be found in 53 locations spread throughout the city.

Advantages of DOOH Advertising:

If put to use in the right way, the benefits of DOOH branding are innumerable. A few of them are:

So, take advantage of the new technologies and invest in an innovative outdoor campaign post-COVID to relaunch your brand in the consumer market.

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