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How Advertising in Delhi becomes Effective

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With the ever-expanding territory and population of the Delhi NCR area, it is significant that you find the right channels to expand your business effectively. Catching a consumer’s fancy can be tricky in the National Capital Region as business organizations and start-ups are aplenty here. Delhi is known to be the land of the achievers as it promises countless opportunities and wide scope. So, if you are looking to make a sizeable brand impact on people, Out of Home Advertising and marketing play a key role. Advertising in Delhi can be difficult as there are so many media houses with a lot of advertising options.

Expand Business and Brand Image by Advertising in Delhi

Since very few cities have as vast a consumer market and skilled labor populace as Delhi, the city provides an entrepreneur with a great market for business. MyHoardings is the best media option available for advertising in Delhi. To make the most of this, you can rely on the following advertising strategies to expand your business and your brand image:

    1. Out of Home Advertising or OOH advertising:  Delhi is one of those cities which is graced with the presence of vibrant and eye-catching outdoor advertising. Delhi sees around 8.2 million vehicles on its roads with the average travel time being approximately two hours. Thus, outdoor advertising media options like billboards, posters, hoardings, signboards, glow signs, etc. are well-received by the onlookers on a daily basis.
    2. Newspaper advertising: With the increasing readership base in Delhi, newspaper advertising is one such arena that should be looked after by brand managers and entrepreneurs. Securing an advertising space in one of the leading dailies in Delhi is bound to fetch a positive impact on your brand. A few of the best-selling newspapers in the city are Hindustan Times, The Times of India, Navbharat Times, Dainik Bhaskar, The Hindu, etc.
    3. Cinema Advertising: Delhiites love to spend their free time in the malls and movie plexes with their friends and family. You can advertise your brand through on-screen ads, slides, and videos. Along with this, you also can have kiosks and posters in the lobby of the multiplex. Cinema advertising is a great way to reach out to a great lot of people on a budget.
    4. Radio Advertising: The number of regular radio listeners in Delhi has been on the increase with increasing traffic on roads and the number of radio stations. There are 11 popular radio channels in Delhi that offer advertising packages tailor-made for your business.
    5. Transit-medium advertising: If you want your brand message traveling throughout the city to millions of passengers and onlookers, there is no better medium than transit-medium advertising. Be it the Delhi Metro, the intra-city and inter-city bus service, the taxi service, the auto-rickshaws, or the local trains, transit-medium advertising is a fascinating and economical way to attract the attention of the future customers. The advertisements can be placed as wrap ads, back-lit panels, wall wrap, and pillar wrap ads on the bus and taxi stands and metro and train stations.

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