Tue. Mar 31st, 2020


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JK Tyres aims for business expansion by investing in OOH advertising at the Cochin Airport

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Cochin Airport saw a recent advertising campaign by the JK group in its attempt to target the city dwellers. JK Group has been engaging themselves increasingly in advertising campaigns for the past few months. With OOH advertising at the Cochin Airport, JK Tyres hopes to extend its brand image to south-western India. As one of the leading Indian manufacturers of tires, JK Tyres has been on a stint to increase brand loyalty. Therefore, the OOH campaign at the Cochin International Airport will only take them closer to their customers in the city along with instilling a sense of brand familiarity among people.

Since the airport caters to almost 10.2 million people a year (as of 2019), this campaign is a commendable step. The company hopes to build trust and a quality brand value among its probable customers in Southern India. Hence, the OOH campaign is a remarkable initiative by the JK Group towards more vigorous business expansion.