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Lock screen advertising: A new dimension to the smart phone feature!

Brand safety: A huge concern but a simple solution, Get a Glance now!

Smart phones are getting smarter with high precision technology and features. A simple feature like ‘lock screen’ too has a new dimension now. The advertisers can advertise on locked screens through apps that have been designed for this purpose. The most popular app to support lock screen advertising is the ‘Glance App’. The app has a dynamic interface which updates users with latest news and information on the content of their choice. The app let the users choose from a wide list of topics such as entertainment, sports, games, news, shopping, food and many more. The selected topics are than flashed on the lock screen. With each swipe on the screen, more and more content is accessible to the user.

Glance app advertising: Hot and Happening way to reach target audience!

Glance app uses artificial intelligence to offer personalized content on the lock screen of smart phones. The app users can choose from wide range of categories such as entertainment, sports, movies, news, travel etc. Glance app asks its users to select as many as categories they wish to receive the content from and then displays it on the lock screen. The screen can be swiped to access live and personalized content smoothly through the Glance app.

Apart from streaming live and personalized content, the app also offer lucrative advertising opportunities. Any brand, product or service can display its ad on the relevant screen through Glance app advertising. For instance, food delivery app like Zomato can advertise on the lock screen that features content related to food on the lock screen. The advertisers can choose from various advertising formats, to get maximum ROI through Glance app advertising such as:

Why advertise on the lock screen?

If you are wondering the use of advertising on lock screen which is only viewed by the phone users until they unlock the phone for any purpose, then here are valid reasons to justify lock screen advertising:

Glance app curates interactive content from across 19 content categories, in English as well as 6 Indian languages. The app has 125 million active users as recorded in June 2021. The app is pre-installed on smart phones of brands like Samsung and Xiaomi. The app is gaining popularity for delivering personalized and engaging content through swipe screen feature. The more you use the app, the better it gets in displaying relevant and latest content for its users. Every time the user unlocks the screen, the screen content gets refreshed and displays new content. One of its kinds, the Glance app, is serving as hot point for ad and promotion displays. It serves as an interactive platform where brands can communicate to the target audience through images, videos and articles.


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