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Mobile Caller Tune Advertisingin India | Mobile Advertising

A new Mobile Caller Tune Advertising product has been launched as a new & innovative mobile advertisement solution – which helps brands deliver undivided, focused ads to the intended target group. Myhordings is the leading ad agency in India providing an advertisement to all companies and clients. In a nutshell, imagine calling a friend, and instead of hearing the regular Tring / Tring or Song while you wait for him to answer, we have the opportunity to play a brand jingle – which will create a viral effect for the brand. Mobile Caller Tune Advertising can outreach your brand value to some extent.

Mobile Caller Tune Advertising Service in detail –


Example of Mobile Caller tune Advertising–

Commercial’s in Mobile Caller Tune Advertising –

o    Up to Rs 1,00,000 – 45 ps  ( + GST )

o    Rs 2 to 3,00,000 – 40 ps ( + GST )

o    Rs 3,00,000 and above – 35 ps ( + GST )

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