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Outdoor advertising reaching new height with the digital revolution !!

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Outdoor advertising reaching new height with the digital revolution !!!

Outdoor advertising has always been considered by advertisers to reach the masses effectively. However, with out-of -home (OOH) advertising exploring digital tools, it is now aiming at both wider reach as well as personalised approach. The OOH media is evolving into more data-driven, targeted, responsive and personalised adverting tool. According to the eighth annual survey done by Digital Place Based Advertising Association (DPBAA), over 61% respondents were positive for involving digital solutions in their expenditure for outdoor advertising.

Outdoor advertising and the digital tools:

Here are various ways in which the outdoor advertising is exploring digital solution to gain better reach and revenue:

Outdoor advertising has become a part of our lives unknowingly. We see hoarding ads , billboards, posters and banners and carry the brand image and name in our minds unintentionally. For advertisers, digital outdoor advertising approaches the target audience in an interactive and engaging manner. The future is bright and big for digital outdoor advertising as this medium is bringing innovative ways to reach the consumer in more personalized manner. The digitization of OOH advertising opens up new doors for brand to achieve more visibility and attention of the target consumers.

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Cost of Billboard Advertising In India

Mode of AdvertisingSize (In Sq. Feet)Rates ( Start from)
Hoardings12x8₹ 10,000
Unipoles10x10₹ 5,000
Skywalk12x8₹ 40,000
Bus Shelter12x8₹ 1,20,000
Metro Pillar12x8₹ 18,000
Digital OOH10x10₹ 30,000
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