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Private Branded Radio advertising in Trains: an innovative way for brands to reach wider audience!

Advertising in Vande Bharat and Shatabdi Radio Ads

From traditional advertising to adopting digital innovations to reach the target audience, the brands keep trying the new and the old form of advertising. This time the brands are making a move towards one of its kind advertising platform, the ‘private radio advertising‘ in trains. Combining transit advertising with radio advertising, pumps up the ability of the advertising message to reach wide audience.

How does private radio advertising in train works?

Popular Indian trains like Shatabdi, Rajdhani, and Vande Bharat etc have most of the facilities that make travel easy and comfortable. Apart from comfortable seats, separate boogies and delicious food, these train offer entertainment services that help the riders kill their dwell time easily. The private radio station is one of the entertainment services these trains provide to its riders. The riders can listen to songs, interviews, talks and other interesting things on these in-door radio stations.  

To advertise on these in-door private radio stations, the brands can book slots for advertising, sponsor programmes and play brand jingles to attract the attention of the train riders.

What are the benefits of advertising on in-door private branded radio in trains?

Private branded radio ads in trains act as a lucrative advertising medium to connect with the target audience easily and effectively. In-door train radio ads trigger high brand recall, build brand familiarity and create brand awareness easily at affordable rates.

Types of Advertising Options in FM Radio in India

Types of Advertising Options in FM Radio in India

Ad Options Description
RJ MentionA subtle form of FM Radio advertising, popular RJs talk about the brand on radio. FM Stations charge a premium for advertising on radio FM through RJ mentions
Jingle advertisingMost popular media option for FM Radio Advertising. Radio jingle is played which can be anywhere between 10 seconds to 2 minutes. Advertising rates for jingle is the lowest rate among all other radio advertising media options.
Sponsorship tagBrands can sponsor a popular program on radio. FM Stations provide sponsorship tags for free as a part of the FM Radio advertising package.
Radio ContestBrands can give away prizes to FM Radio listeners who participate in contests run by popular RJs on their radio shows. An interesting FM Radio advertising format which comes at a premium on regular FM radio advertising rate.
RoadblockBrands can choose to play only their ads for a given period of time. This FM advertising options give brands an opportunity to reach out in a non cluttered environment on Radio. As this is a premium advertising option on FM radio, advertisers pay a premium of regular FM radio advertising rate.
Studio ShiftRadio RJs can come and cover the event at advertiser location. This is one of the most expensive FM Radio advertisement option and radio stations charge a heavy premium on the regular card rate of FM Radio advertising.



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