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Advertising in the apartments and residential societies of Kolkata

RWA Advertising in Kolkata, Advertising in the apartments and residential societies of Kolkata

Do you wish to advertise your brand in the posh societies of the Eastern region? Are you looking to build a loyal customer base in the largest city in the Eastern part of the country? If such is the case, then you should go for RWA, and Apartment advertising in Kolkata. The city has several residential complexes throughout the city and the suburbs. RWA Advertising in Kolkata is the proven way to enhance your brand.

As a matter of fact, the city has been having mammoth residential projects for the past few years. These residential societies add to the life and soul of the city. Influential people from all around the country live in such apartments. Therefore, it is only wise for a marketer to engage in branding activities in these residential societies. In these residential areas, people from the same socio-economic backgrounds reside. So, if you wish to target a specific demographic of people, apartment or RWA Advertising in Kolkata can help you achieve so.

Besides this, with RWA or apartment advertising, you will also be able to concentrate on your brand reach in a specific area. For instance, with RWA Gate Branding, you will be able to advertise your product or service to the apartment dwellers as well as the people in the nearby areas. Thus with RWA Gate branding, you can also attempt for geo-targeting for your brand. Additionally, because of the high profile status and the architecture of these apartments, they already become the point of attraction for the onlookers. Currently, many clients use lift branding also to promote their business. 

The advertising options available RWA or apartments in Kolkata:

There are quite a few options on offer for advertising in apartments or RWA Advertising in Kolkata. They are:

So, plan an effectual and poignant branding campaign in Kolkata by incorporating advertisements in residential societies or apartments in the city to diversify your outreach.

Cost of RWA Society Gate Ads / Lift Advertising / Kiosk Ads in India –

RWA Advertising Mode

Campaign Duration


Society Gate

6 Months

₹ 40,000

Lift Advertising

1 Month

₹ 1,400

Kiosk Setup

1 Day

₹ 3,000

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