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The key to a successful ad campaign!

The key to a successful Ad campaign!

Advertising is certainly the most candid ways in which the consumer gets to know about the product. The ad triggers curiosity and that curiosity leads to purchase but how to trigger the audience is an important aspect of advertising. TV commercials, print ads, internet ads, radio ads and outdoor ads, each one play a significant role in connecting the brand with audience. But the effect of each media is different. For instance, a radio ad can only be heard, a TV commercial can only be viewed when the TV is switched on and an internet ad can only be viewed when the user is online. Therefore, each media has a different role to play. Measuring the strengths of each media and using them in a coherent way makes up for a successful ad campaign.

A successful ad campaign leads to:

An Ad campaign will have to use various media in appropriate proportion to deliver the brand message to the target audience. For instance, the famous Airtel’s Fastest Network Challenge ad used all kind of media to establish itself as the fastest 4G network providers. The brand used one young girl as the face of the campaign. The campaign was very well received by the target audience.

Airtel’s ‘Fastest 4G Network Challenge ad campaign included:

TV Commercial:

Outdoor hoardings:

Print ads

Cab Branding

Radio show sponsorship

By advertising itself through various media with a solo motive, lead to the success of the Airtel’s fastest 4G Network ad campaign.

Therefore, to maximize the impact of the Ad campaign use different kind of media in appropriate proportion.

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