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Top 5 Advertising Ideas to Promote Mid-Size Business!

Top 5 Advertising Ideas,Outdoor advertising and transit media like car advertising,bus branding remain on TOP 5

Top 5 Advertising Ideas to Promote Mid-Size Business!

Mid-Size businesses are on the stage where they have established themselves as a brand but their product or service has not reached the complete target audience. They are the ones who are willing to spend a fare share of money on advertising or promotions with a view to expand business and surpass the competition.  However, the challenge is to design an advertising plan that fits the budget and generate desired results. Here is the list of top 5 advertising ideas that any mid-size business can implement and get great results:

Outdoor Hoardings /OOH promotions

To get maximum visibility, mid-size business should rely on outdoor promotion and advertisements; they can be a huge support to spread the word about your product or service in very less time. It catches the audience’s attention un-alarmed and that is why the brand message stays in their mind for longer duration.

 Outdoor advertising options:

  Key benefits of outdoor advertising:

Transit Advertising:

Although it falls under Outdoor advertising but transit advertising involves advertisements that are put up on public vehicles like bus, auto-rickshaw, trains, taxis etc. Through transit advertising the business owners can take their brand message to areas and localities where the target audience is spread. Transit advertising is highly beneficial as it lets you cover areas and locations where other outdoor mediums like hoarding, kiosks etc are either not allowed or are very expensive to book.

Key benefits of transit advertising include:

 Digital campaigns on various platforms:

Another sure shot way to take your brand sales forward is to advertise digitally. Internet and digitization is the key to reach mass audience with least investment.

Digital advertising options:

Key benefits of Digital advertising include:


Another fruitful and cost-effective option to advertise your mid-size business is to be associate or sole sponsors of local events. Through sponsoring events and exhibitions in the key areas where the target audience is spread will help your brand become a household name. Mid-size business can sponsor small scale events like ‘kids fairs’, ‘ college events, trade fairs, music and dance festivals etc.

Print Media:

Last but not the least print media can extend the reach and visibility of your business without overloading your advertising business. One can make use of flyers, pamphlets, brochures and catalogs to create brand awareness.

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