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Top 5 E-commerce Apps to advertise your business in India

In-app advertising and website advertising both are considered as an effective advertising medium to reach the target audience. There are numerous apps available for advertising any product or service but the trick is to cautiously select the ones that cater to your target audience. Here is the list of top 5 ecommerce apps that fits best for advertising any brand, product or service in India.

  1. Amazon

 Amazon has its loud presence both locally and globally. The app has infused immense trust in the Indian audience with its services that promise genuine products, easy exchange and refund policy and fast delivery. With initiatives like ‘Self-Service Registration’ and ‘Amazon Easy Ship’, it enables sellers to register, sell and ship their products hassle free. The customers get wide variety of products in multi price range that makes it a market place that suits all.

 Amazon advertising benefits

  1. Flipkart 

Flipkart started as an online book selling app but slowly turned itself as a prominent product and service seller. An India e-commerce app, Flipkart offers a comprehensive range of products that include electrical appliances, books, apparel, home and furnishing products and much more. Flipkart is in close competition with Amazon but is an edge over Amazon in apparel segment.

Flipkart app advertising benefits:

  1. Myntra

Few may know that Myntra started off as customizable gifts selling website, however, it is now the most popular online fashion store. Myntra serves wide variety of fashion and lifestyle products. It has established its image as an affordable and trendy fashion store that also offers styling tips from celebrities.

Myntra app advertising benefits:

  1. Indiamart

 Indiamart is an Indian e-commerce app, popular for providing B2B (business to business) and C2C (customer to customer) sales services. The app connects Indian manufactures and buyers by offering smooth selling and buying experience. Indiamart has about 97K product categories with over 60Mn product listed on the app.

Indiamart app advertising benefits

  1. Paytm

Paytm is a popular Indian online payment app; however, it is also the second-largest e-commerce company in India. The USP of the Paytm app is that it does not only facilitates secure online payments and in-store payments but also offers wide variety of products through its ‘Paytm Mall’ feature. The app started off as mobile wallet but now it is a leading e-commerce app of India.

Paytm app advertising benefits:


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