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Top DOOH Advertising companies in India

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DOOH Screen Ads on the rise across India

India is slowly and gradually waking up to the benefits of the digital counterpart of OOH, known as DOOH. The technology has taken the advertising industry by storm. Not only has DOOH revolutionized the advertising world but has also made OOH more result-driven. DOOH has also improved the impact of a static billboard. People often neglect billboards after a few days or months because they get used to the view of it. This is where DOOH advertising changes things.

Since these are programmed, the advertisements on the digital panels can be altered as per the wish of the advertisers. Consequently, DOOH has higher engagement with the brand than the older OOH counterpart. As a result, DOOH creates way more brand impressions and gives greater brand visibility. Furthermore, you can do away with mounting and printing charges with DOOH and design the campaign as per the demographics of an area. Also, DOOH is weather-proof which means that you don’t have to go checking on your billboards after a major storm or after severe rainfall.

Types of DOOH Ad screens available for promotion in India.

  • RoadSide Billboard

    DOOH Screens on Roadside


  • 02

    Digital Billboards inside Restaurants

    Digital Billboards inside Restaurants

  • Lift Lobby DOOH Displays

    Lift Lobby DOOH Displays


The Best Indian DOOH Advertising Companies:

There are quite a few media agencies and organizations who have recently ventured into DOOH. However, all of them might not have the same experience and proficiency in helping you out with DOOH. To have a value-for-money service, you can bank on the following major media agencies for DOOH services.

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