IT Park - Manyata Tech Park,Hebbal Kempapura, Bangalore

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RATE(Per Pillar) : CARD RATE₹57000 OFFER RATE₹47000

Ads on Pillar Signage placed at Dockyard Food Court and Escape Food Court of IT Park


Dimensions are mentioned in advanced pricing

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Need To Provide : Creative in Ai o (More)

Lead Time : 1 Week

Proof Of Execution : Photographs



1. The resolution of image for printing should be of 250-300 Pixels. 2. The file format can be Ai or CDR. 3. ​The colour format required is CMYK 4. Only for a 3 x 5 ft and 3 x 6 ft artwork size we need a bleed of one inch on all side. Other sizes do not require any bleed space.

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