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Lucknow superfast express branding

Lucknow superfast express branding

Train Number Station Originate Station Terminate Main Station Covering
12107/08 Lokmanya tilak(LTT) Lucknow(LKO) Bhusaval,Bhopal Junction,Jhansi,KANPUR


Train branding gives you the scope of telling the story and the aim of your brand to masses of all classes and perhaps, it is the biggest open platform to gain the attention of people from all walks of life. Train advertisement is also a sure way to win your way into the heart of the people as through various kinds of promotional media, your brand can then gain a staunch reputation and brand trust in rural as well as the urban parts of the state like Pune, Mumbai, Nagpur, and Thane which collectively form the economic and the financial centers of both the state and the country.

If you are on the look-out for a way to create a sensation of your product among the people or declare a revamp of a particular product, put up a creatively designed advertisement in any one of the transits of the Indian railway network and witness the word of your brand spread like a wildfire among the people which is bound to make them connect deeply with your brand image and brand value and make a lasting impression about your company.

Various Transit media options for Advertising

  • 01

    Train Advertising

    Train advertisement consist of train wrap ads for brand visibility.
  • 02

    Bus Advertising

    Bus ads may either be back panel wrap or complete body wrap branding.
  • 03

    Car Advertising

    Car wrap on all 4 doors and internal branding (Back side of front seats) can be a highly targeted mode of consumer attention.
  • 04

    Auto Branding

    One of most economical and impact creating mode of transit media ads. Can be highly beneficial for brands with limited marketing budgets.

Advertising Options at Indian Railway Stations

S. No.Ad Options at StationsMedia Category
1Hoardings Outdoor
4Audio AnnouncementsAudio/Video
5Ads inside TrainsTransit
6Train Wrap Transit