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Are radio channels a good platform for advertising?

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There is a change in presentation of the advertising campaigns due technological changes, but the concept of advertising on radios is implemented from a long time. Normally when the Indian Scenario is analysed, the radio stations are of two types – Government radio stations and the FM radio stations which are managed by private management. The all-time favourite All India Radio is managed by the government.

However, the introduction of FM radio technology in India has created a new revolution.  Radio City was the first private FM Radio channel that was introduced in Bengaluru on 3rd July 2001.  The popularity of Radio city attracted many new entrants and many new private FM radio channels came into existence. Right now the number of private FM Radio stations is about 80 in India.  Among the FM radio channels available in India, the following are the top 5 Hindi Radio Channels –

Radio is a device that can be used anywhere provided it gets connected to the signals of the respective radio station.  This feature attracts many advertisers to use the radio platform for their promotions.  FM Radio provides the following benefits:




What are the advertising options available on FM Radio?




What are the FM radio advertising charges?

As the advertisements broadcasted through radio are audible, every sec is countable.   The unit of measurement of advertisement time is 10 sec.  The popularity of the FM radio controls the cost.  Hence the cost per 10 sec may range from Rs. 50 to Rs. 2500.  However, these rates are negotiable based on the volume of the advertisement content and the number of times it has to be broadcasted.  Sometimes, the advertising option in radio also affect the cost of the advertisement.

Conclusion: As there are several FM radio channels available; the advertiser may get confused in choosing the right FM radio channel.  A proper analysis of the FM radio channel has to be done before advertising.

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