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    Cinema advertising has changed manifolds owing to the concept of   complexes and theater halls inside the malls. Most of the theaters are now well placed inside the malls usually on the topmost floor. Cinema advertising is being used to attract the attention of movie watchers by playing ads on the large cinema screen. Cinema advertising  is more than 30 years old but it is only in last few years that this form of advertising has become a significant media mix of advertising campaigns. 

    Interesting facts about cinema advertising:

    Cinema advertising cost is lowest among other non-mass media.

    Censor certification is mandatory for playing ads in theater.

    Single screen advertising is cheaper than advertising in multiplex screens.

    Single screen captures rural audience while multi screens ads are meant to attract urban audience.

    Cinema advertising has pan-India reach. Therefore, it can target both local and national audience.

    Benefits of cinema advertising

    Inescapable: Once the audience is seated in the theatre, they cannot skip the ad is being played on the large screen in front of them. The audience do not have the power to skip, mute or flip the channel.

    Immersive advertising: The surround sound, dark ambience and high resolution display, creates a wholesome effect of combining ambience with high quality audio and video. This  makes any advertisement more immersive and gripping for the viewers.

    Undisruptive: Cinema advertising is most undisruptive form of advertising as the audience is relaxed, comfortably seated and in mood to get entertained at one closed space.

    Cinema chains with highest  footfall in India:

    • PVR Cinemas
    • Big Cinemas
    • Inox
    • Prasads Imax
    • Cinepolis
    • DT Cinemas
    • E-Square
    • SRS Cinemas
    • CineMax
    • City Gold Cinemas
    • Carnival Cinemas
    • SPI Cinemas
    • Fun Cinemas
    • PVS Cinemas

    All these multi screen theatres are located at prime locations of various metro and developing cities of India. The theatres are usually located in the prime malls of the city that ensures high footfall.

    Cinema advertising costs:

    Cinema advertising rates depend on various factors such as:

    • Cinema screen type
    • Number of seats in the movie hall
    • Location of the cinema hall
    • Cinema brand
    • Length of video ads
    • Type of ad- slide show or audio and video ad
    • Off Screen ad- kiosks/Posters

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    They say 'old is gold' and this saying stands true for radio advertising. Since ages, radio advertising is performing the role of reaching the mass audience and both rural and urban regions of India without fail. Earlier, there was only government operated, All India Radio station that covered 39% of area and was heard by 52% of India population. But after the privatization of  FM radio in 2001, the reach and popularity of radio broadcasting changed drastically. Today there are approximately 369 private and operational radio stations that cover more than 101 cities and towns across India. 

    Benefits of radio advertising:



    Radio is everywhere, effective in creating mass reach.

    Smart phones and cars have inbuilt radio apps which make it easy to access and portable too.

    Radio has the ability to target specific audience. For instance, if your product is female oriented you can select the ad slot during a show that is completed dedicated to women on any particular radio station.

    Radio slots and Rates:

    Radio advertising cost depend on various factors such as time slot, radio station, frequency of ad, duration of the ad and city in which the ad will be played. The more popular the radio station is higher would be the rate to advertise on that channel. The radio ads are minimum 15 seconds long and maximum 30 seconds. 

    To get an idea of how the radio ad cost is calculated, one can refer the table below:

            RADIO SLOTS       AIR TIME              COST

            PRIME TIME        7 AM - 8 AM       Rs.3000/10 sec


    8am - 11am

    6pm - 8pm

    Rs.4000-4500/10 sec

    Rs.3000-4000/10 sec


    10pm - 7am

    Rs. 1000/ 10 sec

    Radio stations in India:

    • Radio Mirchi - 98.3 FM
    • Fever 104 FM
    • Red FM - 93.5
    • Radio City - 91.1 FM
    • Big FM - 92.7
    • Radio One - 94.3 FM
    • Hit FM - 95.00 
    • Vividh Bharti - 100.1
    • AIR FM Rainbow- 102.6 FM
    • Oye 104.8 FM
    • Gyan Vani - 105.6 FM
    • AIR FM Gold - 105.6 FM
    • Radio Nasha - 107.2 FM

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    Television advertising is the most reliable and fruitful form of advertising since ages. The brands that opt for television advertising create an impression of being premium brands as television advertising  is costlier than other advertising mediums. The strength of the medium to reach masses makes it the most popular form of advertising. TV advertising can be explained as a wholesome advertising package where video and audio along with relatable content come together for an impactful communication message.  The fact that television sets are indispensable part of every home, the reach of this medium is unparallel.

    Advantages of TV Advertising:

    As TV advertising stimulates eyes and ears simultaneously it becomes the most impactful form of advertising.

    TV advertising prompts immediate action by addressing to the needs of the consumers by creating content that is relatable both emotionally and practically.

    Advertisers can target national, regional or local audience through one medium. 

    TV advertising reaches masses. It covers both rural and urban segment of the country.

    TV advertising push brand sales by creating brand awareness among viewers.

    Popular TV Channels in India:

    Since the advent of Direct-To-Home satellite televisions, viewers have the power to select the channels of their choice. This makes it easy for the advertisers to advertise on channels that have high viewership. The viewer data is released by Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC).

    Popular Channels in India 

    • Entertainment
    • Sab Tv
    • Star Bharat
    • Sony Entertainment
    • Colors
    • Zee TV
    • &  TV
    • Sun TV
    • Movie Channels
    • Zee Cinema
    • BFlix Movies
    • UTV Action
    • & Pictures
    • WOW Cinema
    • Star Gold Select
    • MoviesOK
    • Music Channels
    • MTV
    • Zoom
    • Music India
    • B4U Music
    • 9X M
    • Sony Mix
    • E 24
    • Kids Channel
    • Pogo
    • Discovery Kids
    • Nick Junior
    • Cartoon Network
    • Disney Junior
    • Sony Yay
    • News Channel
    • India TV
    • Aaj Tak
    • NDTV
    • News X
    • CNBC
    • Spiritual
    • Aastha
    • Sanskar
    • MH One Shraddha
    • Peace Of Mind
    • Disha TV


    • Bengali
    • Marathi
    • Gujarati
    • Odia
    • Punjabi
    • Tamil
    • Telgu
    • Kannad
    • Malyalam
    • Hindi
    • English

    From these different categories the advertisers can pick the channels that have higher viewership of their target audience and play their ads on those specific channels only. This helps in saving cost and effort to reach the segmented audience through a mass medium.

    Different formats of television ads:

    Different formats of television ads:

    Product bug: The ad appears at the bottom or left side of the TV screen in the form of a 3d element. This graphical element is usually the brand's logo along with tag line and appears when the main content is being played on the screen. For instance: A match score sponsored by a cold drink brand.

    L- Band Promotion: In this format the advertisement usually appears like a static L-shaped ad starting from the left side of the screen. Here the main content is reduced in size to give more space to the brand ad.

    Sponsored graphical Elements: The advertisers can sponsor graphics that appear frequently at different time intervals on television. Graphics along with content like headlines, weather updates or breaking news are available exclusively for one advertiser only.

    Ticker Advertisement: It is a moving strip on the bottom of the screen that is played along with the main content. The strip keep moving from left to right with the ads of the sponsored brand. The ticker tape is also known as scroll advertising.

    Teleshopping Advertisement: These are long duration ads that provide complete information about the product or service. The ad usually involves demos and detailed information on product specification, cost, discount offers, testimonials, interviews etc. The ads are aired during non-peak hours for a minimum duration of 10 minutes to maximum 30 minutes.

    Regular FCT Advertisement: This is the most popular ad format where the ad are played on full screen during the break time. These ads catch  viewer's complete attention.

    Television advertising cost

    The cost determining factors of television advertising are:

    Ad format

    Ad duration

    Time slot

    TV Channel

    Viewership of the channel on which the ad will be played.

    Ad frequency

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