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    Cinema advertising has changed manifolds owing to the concept of   complexes and theater halls inside the malls. Most of the theaters are now well placed inside the malls usually on the topmost floor. Cinema advertising is being used to attract the attention of movie watchers by playing ads on the large cinema screen. Cinema advertising  is more than 30 years old but it is only in last few years that this form of advertising has become a significant media mix of advertising campaigns. 

    Interesting facts about cinema advertising:

    Cinema advertising cost is lowest among other non-mass media.

    Censor certification is mandatory for playing ads in theater.

    Single screen advertising is cheaper than advertising in multiplex screens.

    Single screen captures rural audience while multi screens ads are meant to attract urban audience.

    Cinema advertising has pan-India reach. Therefore, it can target both local and national audience.

    What makes Cinema Advertising Crucial in Recent Times?

    With the expansion of the medium of cinema and in the number of screening theatres, cinema has never seen a greater popularity than that in the present times. The multiplexes have brought in a new leash of life to cinema as cinephiles are thronging in to the screen theatres like never before. This popularity of cinema has made cinema advertising an enriching investment for corporations and companies. 

    Although single screen theatres have forever been telecasting ads throughout India, it is mostly limited to the relatively rural areas of the country. Multiplex advertising has rendered a new meaning to advertising in the urban areas. With the larger screen experience, your brand has the possibility of catching the attention of a wider range of audiences in varying age groups. A right kind of branding initiative can be quite fruitful to your company. A few of the advantages that make cinema advertising and multiplex advertising extremely crucial in the recent times are:

    1.Greater Impact:

    In the cinemas, viewers are solely focused on their viewing experience. Their sole attention to the screens ensures that any advertising initiative is bound to catch their fancy and their curiosity. Multiplex advertising also has the advantage of instant response as the multiplexes are generally located in malls, and if the viewers are convinced enough, they will end up buying the product. Cinema advertising plays a key role in creating an unparalleled visual impact. Hence, advertisers and companies rely on cinema advertising for their advertising campaigns.

    2.Demographic advantage:

    The advantages of PVR Advertising, INOX Advertising and advertising in any such multiplex theatres is that you get to spread the message of the brand among the youth of the country. In India, mostly the young populace throngs the theatres in larger numbers. Cinemas are the biggest forms of entertainment and cinema advertising thus gives your brand an easy access to the urban youth. Besides the youth are biggest consumers in the market and reaching out to them will only prove to be more profitable for the brand.

    3.Less chances to skip advertisements:

    Unlike YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, cinema advertising and multiplex advertising has an intrusive approach. The audiences waiting in the screen theatres to watch the movie have no other option than to watch the advertisements before the movie plays out and during the interval. This tactical placing of the ads makes sure that the viewers have lesser chances to skip advertisements. The low chances of advertisements avoidance thus attracts the advertisers and the companies to make sure that the cinephiles visiting the theatres get the message of the brand loud and clear. For every person watching a movie, they have to go through each ad broadcasted in the theatres.

    4.Greater chances of engagement:

    Since the audiences already come to be absorbed by the impact of the cinema, cinema advertisements promise a deeper engagement. When viewers absorb the promotion of the brand in a giant screen such as that of the single screen theatres and of the multiplex screens, an interest and a deep curiosity are bound to be generated. The ads then initiate discussions and spark interests among people which then eventually transform to greater revenues and sales for the brand.

    5.Greater recall value:

    It is easy to ignore and miss out on the advertisements on the smaller screens but in a movie theatre the scenario plays out differently. People visit movie theatres with the sole intention of viewership and when they witness the portrayal of a brand in those huge screens, the message of the brand almost comes across as convincing. Morever, ads nowadays have taken a more creative and an emotive approach rather than being repetitive and boring and if not more, have become equally entertaining like the movies.

    What kind of audience do brands capture through Cinema Advertising? 

    Cinema advertising has the scope of catching the fancy of both the rural and the urban population. Cinemas are still the biggest source of entertainment in India and attract people from all walks of life. Be it a student, a working class person or the top executive of a company, the medium of cinema bonds all people regardless of their class and background. Thus, cinema advertising too has the potential of captivating the fancy and the attention of people throughout, without concentrating on people from a single background.

    Multiplex advertising though has greater influences on the young people of the country. People from 16-44 years of age are considered to be frequent visitors to these multiplexes to catch the latest releases and hence, have greater chances to come under the influence of cinema advertising.

    What makes Cinema Advertising Highly Effective?

    Cinema advertising has undoubtedly shaped up to be one of the most influencing advertising moves over the years. Be it consume products, services or even public amenities and governments schemes, cinema advertising has slowly made its way to become a cherished asset among a plethora of advertisers and advertising agencies. The effectiveness of cinema advertising and multiplex advertising is immense and the reasons which can be sited for their popularity are:

    An engaging surround sound.

    A screen which stretches from the ceiling to the floor.

    A highly entertaining medium.

    Lesser number of distractions among the viewers.

    Ads can’t be skipped in a movie theatre.

    Maximum exposure to the youth and therefore, the most active consumers in a given city; and lastly,

    Cinema advertising offers greater chances to make the campaign more effective by coupling other promotional activities with it. Like handing out flyers and pamphlets before the viewers enter the movie theatre or handing discount coupons or lucrative deals after the viewers leave the theatre. 

    Benefits of cinema advertising

    Inescapable: Once the audience is seated in the theatre, they cannot skip the ad is being played on the large screen in front of them. The audience do not have the power to skip, mute or flip the channel.

    Immersive advertising: The surround sound, dark ambience and high resolution display, creates a wholesome effect of combining ambience with high quality audio and video. This  makes any advertisement more immersive and gripping for the viewers.

    Undisruptive: Cinema advertising is most undisruptive form of advertising as the audience is relaxed, comfortably seated and in mood to get entertained at one closed space.

    Cinema chains with highest  footfall in India:

    • PVR Cinemas
    • Big Cinemas
    • Inox
    • Prasads Imax
    • Cinepolis
    • DT Cinemas
    • E-Square
    • SRS Cinemas
    • CineMax
    • City Gold Cinemas
    • Carnival Cinemas
    • SPI Cinemas
    • Fun Cinemas
    • PVS Cinemas

    All these multi screen theatres are located at prime locations of various metro and developing cities of India. The theatres are usually located in the prime malls of the city that ensures high footfall.

    Cinema advertising costs:

    Cinema advertising rates depend on various factors such as:

    • Cinema screen type
    • Number of seats in the movie hall
    • Location of the cinema hall
    • Cinema brand
    • Length of video ads
    • Type of ad- slide show or audio and video ad
    • Off Screen ad- kiosks/Posters

    What are the tips for effective Cinema Advertising?

    The symbiotic relationship between the movie going experience and cinema advertising has only grown each day. The more people gravitate towards cinema, the greater the chances of cinema advertising garnering more popularity among people. Besides being the most immersive form of entertainment, cinema has been an escape route for the Indians since forever. Thus, cinema advertising has only served to heighten the movie experience for people and has also enhanced its influence in the process. In addition to the larger-than-life viewing experience, cinema advertising can be bettered by creative scripting of the advertisements. Consumers nowadays directly relate to the views and the goals of the brand and only indulge in those which resonate with their ideals. Thus, ads which create an emotive response in people go a long way in creating a strong brand image among people.

    Other than creative scripting, coupling promotional activities with cinema advertising and multiplex advertising helps maximize the degree of awareness among people regarding the brand. Like, for instance, handing out flyers and/ or pamphlets carrying the graphical message of the brand in the lobby of the multiplex, before they enter the theatre or distributing coupon vouchers, discounts cards in a similar fashion to people after they leave the theatres. This helps create a complete cycle for the promotional activities of your brand, the one in which people might just get inspired to check out the new product or service in the market.

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    They say 'old is gold' and this saying stands true for radio advertising. Since ages, radio advertising is performing the role of reaching the mass audience and both rural and urban regions of India without fail. Earlier, there was only government operated, All India Radio station that covered 39% of area and was heard by 52% of India population. But after the privatization of  FM radio in 2001, the reach and popularity of radio broadcasting changed drastically. Today there are approximately 369 private and operational radio stations that cover more than 101 cities and towns across India. 

    What are the different kinds of Radio Advertisements?

    Varying kinds of radio advertising are used to make listeners aware of the brand or product. Of the different types of radio advertisements that are broadcasted on air, four main types of advertising can be identified.

    1. Straight commercials: Straight commercials are the most common kind of radio advertisement. Usually, an arresting sound track plays before the description of the brand to induce the attention of the listeners. The description of the brand is then played which distinctly mentions the features, the goals and the merits of the brand.

    2. Dialogue commercials: These commercials feature a famous personality talking about the brand. These radio ads are endorsements where the popular personas like film stars, cricketers, sports persons or VIPs advise the listeners to use the brand.

    3. Dramatized commercials: This kind of radio advertising is usually accompanied by humor and a problem-solution approach. The ads see a dramatized situation where a problem is talked about and then establishes the brand or the product as the solution to the problem. This kind of narration keeps the listener engaged in the ads and helps build more curiosity.

    4. Integrated commercials: This is one elaborate radio ad. Integrated commercials are conducted by a VIP, a movie star, a celebrity, a famous sports personality or a common user of the product, talking about the merits of the product.

    Top Radio Channel RJ'S in India

    Radio Channel Name
    Red FM - Delhi
    RJ Sachin, RJ Swathi, RJ Rocky
    Red FM - Mumbai
    RJ Rishi, RJ J Man, RJ Maliska
    Radio Mirchi - Bengaluru
    RJ Smitha, RJ Siri, RJ Vicky
    Red FM - Hyderabad
    Telugu, Hindi
    RJ Raj, RJ Priyanka, RJ Lipsika
    Radio Mirchi - Chennai
    RJ Shivshankari, RJ Ajai, RJ Vaidhi

    What makes Radio Advertising Crucial in recent times?

    The privatization of radio broadcasting saw the instant popularity of the medium. Suddenly, radios were heard blaring from houses, cars, taxis, autos, roadside stalls, hotels, etc. The 24*7 broadcasting of the radio channels, the popularity and portability of the radio have made radio advertising a rage among radio advertising agencies. The affordable radio advertising rates are too an added bonus.

    The other reasons which make radio advertising significant in recent times are:

    Independence of advertising slots: Radio advertising gives a company the freedom to choose their slots. A researched survey of the demographics of listeners tuning in gives you a fair idea of the time slots where you would like to play your brand’s ad the maximum number of times.

    The popularity of the radio: While it is true that rural listeners are more in number than the urban listeners, radio has caught the fancy of both the populace equally. While other advertising options are not that successful to reach out to the rural population of the country, radio efficiently has made a sizeable number of listeners in the rural regions. And the recent popularity of the radio too puts radio advertising in the good books of the advertising agencies.

    Greater comprehension: Due to the lack of the reach and the accessibility to television, radio advertising has found greater outreach among rural as well as illiterate people. Thus, radio advertising gives you the bonus access to the unreachable in the country.

    Mobility: Transistors are extremely portable devices of entertainment and information. This is a definite advantage of radio advertising that is sure to lure in more people to the brand. Nowadays, mobile phones come integrated with an application of radio too. Thus, people with the access of mobile phones don’t even need to carry transistors around. The radio has become an even more inviting medium of entertainment now.

    The entertaining factor: Lastly, as is listed above there are quite a few types of radio advertisements. Each of them is entertaining in its own way and generally has a story or a song accompanying the ads. This makes radio advertising even more interesting.

    Benefits of radio advertising:



    Radio is everywhere, effective in creating mass reach.

    Smart phones and cars have inbuilt radio apps which make it easy to access and portable too.

    Radio has the ability to target specific audience. For instance, if your product is female oriented you can select the ad slot during a show that is completed dedicated to women on any particular radio station.

    Radio slots and Rates:

    Radio advertising cost depend on various factors such as time slot, radio station, frequency of ad, duration of the ad and city in which the ad will be played. The more popular the radio station is higher would be the rate to advertise on that channel. The radio ads are minimum 15 seconds long and maximum 30 seconds. 

    To get an idea of how the radio ad cost is calculated, one can refer the table below:

            RADIO SLOTS       AIR TIME              COST

            PRIME TIME        7 AM - 8 AM       Rs.3000/10 sec


    8am - 11am

    6pm - 8pm

    Rs.4000-4500/10 sec

    Rs.3000-4000/10 sec


    10pm - 7am

    Rs. 1000/ 10 sec

    Radio stations in India:

    • Radio Mirchi - 98.3 FM
    • Fever 104 FM
    • Red FM - 93.5
    • Radio City - 91.1 FM
    • Big FM - 92.7
    • Radio One - 94.3 FM
    • Hit FM - 95.00 
    • Vividh Bharti - 100.1
    • AIR FM Rainbow- 102.6 FM
    • Oye 104.8 FM
    • Gyan Vani - 105.6 FM
    • AIR FM Gold - 105.6 FM
    • Radio Nasha - 107.2 FM

    Types of Advertising Options in FM Radio in India

    Ad OptionsDescription
    RJ Mention
    A subtle form of FM Radio advertising, popular RJs talk about the brand on radio. FM Stations charge a premium for advertising on radio FM through RJ mentions
    Jingle advertising
    Most popular media option for FM Radio Advertising. Radio jingle is played which can be anywhere between 10 seconds to 2 minutes. Advertising rates for jingle is the lowest rate among all other radio advertising media options.
    Sponsorship tag
    Brands can sponsor a popular program on radio. FM Stations provide sponsorship tags for free as a part of the FM Radio advertising package.
    Radio Contest
    Brands can give away prizes to FM Radio listeners who participate in contests run by popular RJs on their radio shows. An interesting FM Radio advertising format which comes at a premium on regular FM radio advertising rate.
    Brands can choose to play only their ads for a given period of time. This FM advertising options give brands an opportunity to reach out in a non cluttered environment on Radio. As this is a premium advertising option on FM radio, advertisers pay a premium of regular FM radio advertising rate.
    Studio Shift
    Radio RJs can come and cover the event at advertiser location. This is one of the most expensive FM Radio advertisement option and radio stations charge a heavy premium on the regular card rate of FM Radio advertising.

    What makes radio advertising highly effective?

    To answer this in short, radio advertising is highly effective for your brand outreach among a demographic audience. Yes, as is already mentioned, understanding your audience gives you a great upper hand in expanding your brand’s name and popularity among people. Selecting the proper radio frequency which has the audience that you want to broadcast your brand to, is also a key move towards making the right branding approach. Thus, with the proper show timings and the frequency of the radio channel, you can make the most out of radio advertising for your brand. Radios have the ability to communicate the message of the brand effectively among people and can convince them into buying the product by visiting the brand’s online store or the retail stores.

    The affordability of the radio advertising rates also makes it a treasure among the radio advertising agencies and advertising agencies in general. At a low cost, the companies can advertise their brand to people across a city and even the whole country. This gives radio advertising quite a lot of potency as your ad will then play to both the rural and urban audiences and among people of varying age groups.

    What kind of audience do the brands capture through radio advertising?

    Radio advertising can have an impact on a wide range of people. People of all ages and backgrounds tune in to radios for their daily dose of entertainment and listening to music. Basically anybody and everybody who listen to a radio come under the influence of radio advertising.

    However, with careful research, the pattern and the kind of audiences tuning in can be made out. With a number of radio channels, differing kind of audiences tune in to different channels. For instance, it can be assumed that people mostly tuning in to listen to retro music or the music of the 60s are the ones who still cling to the aura of the retro age or are among the aged populace of the country; while the people listening to mostly new age music are mostly the young people. This helps you to plan your branding in an effective way, the way in which you will be able to reach to your desired audience and create a deeper impact among them. Internet radio too is one such space where you already know about the tastes of the audience and can identify which kind of radio advertising will suit your target audience the best.

    What are the tips for effective radio advertising?

    There can be ample scope for increasing the effectiveness of radio advertising. A few of them are mentioned below:

    A great voiceover: Since radio and radio advertising is all about listening, hiring a great voiceover artist for your brand’s ad is one thing that should be definitely considered. Apart from a voiceover artist, known voices of celebrities, sports persons and movie stars also work in the favor of generating a positive response from people.

    Know about your audience beforehand: Researching the audience beforehand will give you the advantage of placing your ad at the right time and at the right radio channel. Studying the demographics is an important area that you should definitely concentrate on.

    Make a memorable and a catchy tagline: It is for no reason that the tagline of Amul is still an instant hit among people. In this particular case, the tagline of Amul evokes a special emotion from people that immediately connects them to the brand. This success story gives us a clear indication of the importance of taglines in branding. The taglines often become the voice of the brand that helps draw more popularity from people and adds a familiar ring to the brand.

    Sell the merits of the brand rather than the image: More than the brand or the product image, people would obviously like to know more about the services or the merits of the brand. It is important that you have a convincing message about the functionality of the brand because it is listeners who would later get converted to possible customers.

    Produce a good ad: As much as the tagline and the selling of the brand are important, producing a good ad is also a crucial criterion to win the attention of the audiences. Making a good jingle along with writing an interesting story for the ad are key to keep the listeners enchanted every time the ad plays on the radio. An element of distinctness is sure to give your brand an individual identity and help build a solid image for the brand.

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    Television advertising is the most reliable and fruitful form of advertising since ages. The brands that opt for television advertising create an impression of being premium brands as television advertising  is costlier than other advertising mediums. The strength of the medium to reach masses makes it the most popular form of advertising. TV advertising can be explained as a wholesome advertising package where video and audio along with relatable content come together for an impactful communication message.  The fact that television sets are indispensable part of every home, the reach of this medium is unparallel.

    What makes television advertising important in the recent times?

    Even in the age of streaming services and live streaming, TV is still the go-to option for entertainment for the people of India. While it is true that India is going through a digital revolution, we are still far away from total digitization. The people of the country still bank on the conventional ways of entertainment and thus, advertising. Millions of Indians still sit in front of the TV every day to catch their daily soaps and sports matches. It is during this time that they dedicate all their attention to their viewing experience which makes TV advertising an instant hit among the advertising agencies and the branding companies. 

    TV advertising has been the staple form of advertising for ages now, something that the OTT advertising is still lacking behind on. Important events, news shows, sports matches, and popular shows rake up a lot of TRP in the prime time television, which is when most of the ads are aired on the TV. TV advertising has brought in a huge success to the world of advertising and has one of the largest conversion rates from viewers to consumers till this day in the country.

    What kind of audience do brands capture through Television Advertising?

    Anybody and everybody with the access to a TV are influenced by television advertising. But broadly speaking, TV advertising is majorly popular among the urban parts or the cities and towns in the country. The rural parts of the country still depend on radio advertising, newspaper advertising and at special occasions, cinema advertising for their knowledge on the upcoming brands and products in the market. 

    Much like radio advertising, even TV advertising can be quantified and broadcasted among a specific group of people. For instance, local TV advertising will give you access to the people of a community or of a region at large, but a TV advertising slot in the national television is sure to rope in more audiences from the nooks and corners of the country. Similarly, a channel like Disney or Pogo mostly air shows directed and dedicated for children whereas channels like Colors, Sony, Star Plus broadcast shows by keeping the adult audiences in mind. Thus, knowing your audience and studying the TRP and the demographics go a long way in determining the kind and the number of audiences watching TV at various times of the day.

    Top 5 TV Channels to advertise your brand in India

    TV Channel Name
    Star Sports
    Aaj Tak

    Advantages of TV Advertising:

    As TV advertising stimulates eyes and ears simultaneously it becomes the most impactful form of advertising.

    TV advertising prompts immediate action by addressing to the needs of the consumers by creating content that is relatable both emotionally and practically.

    Advertisers can target national, regional or local audience through one medium. 

    TV advertising reaches masses. It covers both rural and urban segment of the country.

    TV advertising push brand sales by creating brand awareness among viewers.

    Popular TV Channels in India:

    Since the advent of Direct-To-Home satellite televisions, viewers have the power to select the channels of their choice. This makes it easy for the advertisers to advertise on channels that have high viewership. The viewer data is released by Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC).

    Popular Channels in India 

    • Entertainment
    • Sab Tv
    • Star Bharat
    • Sony Entertainment
    • Colors
    • Zee TV
    • &  TV
    • Sun TV
    • Movie Channels
    • Zee Cinema
    • BFlix Movies
    • UTV Action
    • & Pictures
    • WOW Cinema
    • Star Gold Select
    • MoviesOK
    • Music Channels
    • MTV
    • Zoom
    • Music India
    • B4U Music
    • 9X M
    • Sony Mix
    • E 24
    • Kids Channel
    • Pogo
    • Discovery Kids
    • Nick Junior
    • Cartoon Network
    • Disney Junior
    • Sony Yay
    • News Channel
    • India TV
    • Aaj Tak
    • NDTV
    • News X
    • CNBC
    • Spiritual
    • Aastha
    • Sanskar
    • MH One Shraddha
    • Peace Of Mind
    • Disha TV


    • Bengali
    • Marathi
    • Gujarati
    • Odia
    • Punjabi
    • Tamil
    • Telgu
    • Kannad
    • Malyalam
    • Hindi
    • English

    From these different categories the advertisers can pick the channels that have higher viewership of their target audience and play their ads on those specific channels only. This helps in saving cost and effort to reach the segmented audience through a mass medium.

    Different formats of television ads:

    Different formats of television ads:

    Product bug: The ad appears at the bottom or left side of the TV screen in the form of a 3d element. This graphical element is usually the brand's logo along with tag line and appears when the main content is being played on the screen. For instance: A match score sponsored by a cold drink brand.

    L- Band Promotion: In this format the advertisement usually appears like a static L-shaped ad starting from the left side of the screen. Here the main content is reduced in size to give more space to the brand ad.

    Sponsored graphical Elements: The advertisers can sponsor graphics that appear frequently at different time intervals on television. Graphics along with content like headlines, weather updates or breaking news are available exclusively for one advertiser only.

    Ticker Advertisement: It is a moving strip on the bottom of the screen that is played along with the main content. The strip keep moving from left to right with the ads of the sponsored brand. The ticker tape is also known as scroll advertising.

    Teleshopping Advertisement: These are long duration ads that provide complete information about the product or service. The ad usually involves demos and detailed information on product specification, cost, discount offers, testimonials, interviews etc. The ads are aired during non-peak hours for a minimum duration of 10 minutes to maximum 30 minutes.

    Regular FCT Advertisement: This is the most popular ad format where the ad are played on full screen during the break time. These ads catch  viewer's complete attention.

    What makes Television Advertising highly effective?

    Till date, television remains a popular medium of entertainment, information and advertising. TV advertising has for long been the fore-bearer of advertising in the media industry and has influenced buyers like no other advertising medium. Out of the myriad reasons which make television advertising relatable even in the days of OTT advertising, a few are mentioned below:

    Higher rates of persuasion: As discussed, TV advertising has more convincing ability than the rest of the advertising options and media. Since Indians mostly bank on television for their entertainment, TV advertising is a trump card used by the advertising agencies and the companies at the opportune times. Needless to say, television advertising creates an audio-visual impact that clinches an instant response from the viewers and encourages them to have a closer and a deeper look at the brand.

    An unparalleled creative independence with the branding: TV advertising gives you the freedom and the ability to exercise as much creative independence as you would want to make your brand stand out among the million others in the economy. The creative signature will render an identity to your business and help your customers relate to your brand in an elaborate and easy way. 

    TV advertising leaves a strong impression in a relatively short time: With the elaborate show of visuals, sounds, a script and motion, TV advertising gives credibility to your brand image and reaches to a much greater audience than the likes of radio advertising, cinema advertising, local newspaper advertising or outdoor advertising have ever reached.

    What are the tips for impactful TV advertising?

    A well-crafted ad and a branding campaign is the key ingredient to a successful TV advertising gig. Therefore, before you start booking your time slots for the ads and decide on the frequency or the number of times the advertisement will be aired on the television, you need to sit down and decide on a few factors to make your television advertising campaign the most effective one. A few noteworthy ones are mentioned below:
    Pay attention to the first three seconds of the ad: The attention span of people is shrinking with each passing day. Hence, it is important for you to break the usual pattern followed by most of the ads on TV and investing your time and efforts on an ad that move people in an engaging way. 
    Strong narration: Gone are the days when ads used to just portray the image of a brand. Brands have now attained the status of being the identity of the customers. Since such is the case for most of the people, the onus of the popularity and the relativity of the brand fall on your shoulders. The stronger the emotive response you garner from people, the greater will be the fame of the brand that you will be destined to bring in for your company. Cohesive story-telling is one compelling way to build ample anticipation in the minds of the people about the brand.
    Rope in influencers or celebrities for the ad: Testimonials from popular social figures or media personalities or movie stars go a long way in building a convincing tale for the brand. The personality becomes the face of the brand and helps people relate at a deeper level with the brand.
    Bring in social media campaign in the advertising initiative: Communicating with people across various platforms gives them ample access to know more about the brand and test the authenticity of the product. Adding the links of social media to TV advertising also encourages the viewers to take immediate action in indulging in the product.
    Concentrate on building awareness about the brand: Maximum impact is made when originality is associated with the brand. Building brand awareness rather than just selling the product creates a stronger picture of the brand in the minds of people and gives the brand a unique story that would pull the viewers towards it.

    Television advertising cost

    The cost determining factors of television advertising are:

    Ad format

    Ad duration

    Time slot

    TV Channel

    Viewership of the channel on which the ad will be played.

    Ad frequency

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