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Advertising options on Chennai Metro Station

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Chennai Metro station advertising !!

Chennai is a popular metropolitan city with rich heritage on side and modern era infrastructure and establishments on the other. Chennai has been popular for both tourism and for being a powerful commercial center for Southern India. Apart from high rise buildings, malls and technology parks, Chennai Metro Train system also classifies Chennai as a well planned and managed capital of Tamil Nadu.

Chennai metro has 32 metro stations making it the third largest Metro network after Delhi and Hyderabad. As evaluated in March 2019, the Chennai Metro system is used by approximately 90,000 people on daily basis. The statistics reveal the popularity of Chennai Metro among localities. The 32 metro stations comprises of elevated and underground metro routes.  Apart from being a comfortable and safe transport system for Chennai people, the metro train and metro stations of Chennai also act as lucrative advertising platform for brand promotions.

Advertisers and brands can take full advantage of the high footfall at 32 metro stations and 42 coaches that run across city to lure new, potential and existing consumers. The following reasons will put a light on as to why one should choose Chennai Metro station and metro train branding?

Chennai Metro station advertising benefits:

Brand Activation and Advertising options at Metro stations of Chennai:

Why advertising on Chennai Metro Train and it’s stations ?

Chennai Metro Train branding options:

Overall Benefits of Chennai Metro train and metro station branding:

Chennai Metro train and Chennai Metro station branding is an excellent and effective way to reach prospective audience through various advertising and brand activation ideas.

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