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    Transit Advertising

    As the word 'Transit' implies transportation, this category of advertising is non-traditional form of advertising where different vehicles like Cars, Auto Rickshaw, Buses, Train Ads, cycles  or any other moving objects become the medium for communicating to the target audience. Transit advertising is also a part of outdoor/ out-of-home advertising as the motive is to catch the attention of the audience on the move. 

    Transit advertising also encompasses advertising at bus shelters, fuel stations, train platforms etc.

    Benefits of transit advertising:

    Extensive reach: Vehicles like buses, cabs and auto-rickshaw cover wide range of areas of the city. Be it small gullies or national highways public transport cover majority of areas giving high exposure and reach to the product advertised. 

    Geographic targeting:  The advertisers can carefully pick locations, areas and other transport precincts to target a defined group of audience.

    Frequency enhances familiarity:  The target audience, who uses public transport on daily basis such as office commuters and students, get exposed to the brand advertisement at least twice a day. The ride lasts for a minimum of 15 minutes to maximum 45 minutes; this daily exposure to the advertisement enhances familiarity for the brand and influences the consumer's purchase decision.

    Flexible: Transit advertising is flexible when it comes to size, location and route allotted for advertising. With transit advertising one can play with size of creative, placement and location where the ads will be placed.

    Uncluttered medium: As not many ads can run on the same vehicle at once, this form of advertising gives exclusivity to the product advertised. The uncluttered medium catches complete traveler's attention.

    Observer and traveler attention: Transit adverting fetches attention of both traveler and observer at one go. The advertisement reaches dual audience, one to the people on the road and to the people who are using the transport facility.

    Hard to ignore: The format of advertisement placed on the vehicles involves the usage of bright colors, bold copy, catchy slogans and unique creative elements; this format catches the attention immediately.

    Unskippable: Unlike other mediums where you can skip the ad or change the channel, the audience cannot do the same when watching a transit ad.  As they are seated and on the move, they will have to notice the ads placed inside the vehicle during their travel time.

    Cost-effective: Transit advertising fits all size brands. Be it FMCG products or luxury products, everything can be advertised through transit advertising for creating brand awareness, enhancing brand recall, influencing purchase decision and extending reach and visibility. All these can be attained from careful planning and execution of transit advertising.

    Different types of Transit advertising:

    Indoor advertising: This involves placement of ads inside the vehicles such as buses, cars, trains and auto-rickshaw and inside bus shelters, train platforms and station. The ads are placed in the forms of posters, placards, leaflet distribution, product sampling and demos. 

    Outdoor advertising: This involves placement of ads on the exterior side of the vehicles i.e. Cab Branding , Taxi Advertising, Bus Branding etc. The ads are placed on the roof top, side panels and back panels of any vehicle.

    Transit advertising cost:

    Although transit advertising is very cost-effective in comparison to other traditional forms of advertising such s TV, Print and radio but the cost of transit advertising essentially depends on:

    Size of the ad

    Placement of the ad on vehicle (side panel, front panel, back panel, roof, or inside the vehicle)

    Locality in which the vehicle will move and display the ad. For example, bus advertisement for highways will be more than bus advertisement for local areas of the city.

    Duration of days for which the ad will run on the vehicle. For example, one moth, 15 days or a week.

    Mediums of transit advertising:


    Bus shelters

    Cars, taxis and Cabs Branding

    Petrol pumps

    Metro trains

    Metro stations

    Railway platforms

    Railway trains




    Mobile vans

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