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    As the word 'Transit' implies transportation, this category of advertising is non-traditional form of advertising where different vehicles like Cars, Auto Rickshaw, Buses, Train Ads, cycles  or any other moving objects become the medium for communicating to the target audience. Transit advertising is also a part of outdoor/ out-of-home advertising as the motive is to catch the attention of the audience on the move. 

    Transit advertising also encompasses advertising at bus shelters, fuel stations, train platforms etc.

    Benefits of transit advertising:

    Extensive reach: Vehicles like buses, cabs and auto-rickshaw cover wide range of areas of the city. Be it small gullies or national highways public transport cover majority of areas giving high exposure and reach to the product advertised. 

    Geographic targeting:  The advertisers can carefully pick locations, areas and other transport precincts to target a defined group of audience.

    Frequency enhances familiarity:  The target audience, who uses public transport on daily basis such as office commuters and students, get exposed to the brand advertisement at least twice a day. The ride lasts for a minimum of 15 minutes to maximum 45 minutes; this daily exposure to the advertisement enhances familiarity for the brand and influences the consumer's purchase decision.

    Flexible: Transit advertising is flexible when it comes to size, location and route allotted for advertising. With transit advertising one can play with size of creative, placement and location where the ads will be placed.

    Uncluttered medium: As not many ads can run on the same vehicle at once, this form of advertising gives exclusivity to the product advertised. The uncluttered medium catches complete traveler's attention.

    Observer and traveler attention: Transit adverting fetches attention of both traveler and observer at one go. The advertisement reaches dual audience, one to the people on the road and to the people who are using the transport facility.

    Hard to ignore: The format of advertisement placed on the vehicles involves the usage of bright colors, bold copy, catchy slogans and unique creative elements; this format catches the attention immediately.

    Unskippable: Unlike other mediums where you can skip the ad or change the channel, the audience cannot do the same when watching a transit ad.  As they are seated and on the move, they will have to notice the ads placed inside the vehicle during their travel time.

    Cost-effective: Transit advertising fits all size brands. Be it FMCG products or luxury products, everything can be advertised through transit advertising for creating brand awareness, enhancing brand recall, influencing purchase decision and extending reach and visibility. All these can be attained from careful planning and execution of transit advertising.

    Auto Rickshaw Advertising rates in India

    City NameMedia OptionRates (Starting) / Auto
    DelhiAuto Back Panel, Auto Hood
    INR 480
    MumbaiAuto Back Panel
    INR 200
    BangaloreAuto Back Panel, Auto Hood
    INR 550
    ChennaiAuto Back Panel
    INR 700
    HyderabadAuto Back Panel, Auto Hood
    INR 650

    Different types of Transit advertising:

    Indoor advertising: This involves placement of ads inside the vehicles such as buses, cars, trains and auto-rickshaw and inside bus shelters, train platforms and station. The ads are placed in the forms of posters, placards, leaflet distribution, product sampling and demos. 

    Outdoor advertising: This involves placement of ads on the exterior side of the vehicles i.e. Cab Branding , Taxi Advertising, Bus Branding etc. The ads are placed on the roof top, side panels and back panels of any vehicle.

    Transit advertising cost:

    Although transit advertising is very cost-effective in comparison to other traditional forms of advertising such s TV, Print and radio but the cost of transit advertising essentially depends on:

    Size of the ad

    Placement of the ad on vehicle (side panel, front panel, back panel, roof, or inside the vehicle)

    Locality in which the vehicle will move and display the ad. For example, bus advertisement for highways will be more than bus advertisement for local areas of the city.

    Duration of days for which the ad will run on the vehicle. For example, one moth, 15 days or a week.

    Mediums of transit advertising:


    Bus shelters

    Cars, taxis and Cabs Branding

    Petrol pumps

    Metro trains

    Metro stations

    Railway platforms

    Railway trains




    Mobile vans

    For cost effective and visually stunning transit advertising for both urban and rural areas of the country contact  MyHoardings outdoor advertising agency at business [at ] The agency holds expertise in transit advertising and has tie up with over 1000 advertising and marketing agencies all over India to offer best advertising rates for the clients. 

    Types of Transit Vehicle Branding

    Vehicle Type
    Ad Rate / Month Min.
    Ad duration
    50003 Months
    Cab40001 Month
    Mobile Van70,0001 Week

    Which are the most popular forms of transit media in India?

    Train/ railway and metro branding:

    The most preferred transit media in India has to be that of the railway or train branding due to its obvious outreach and popularity. Indians are mostly inclined to trains for their local, regional and national commute and hence, advertising with the Indian Railways is one such prized weapon to strategize your reach and maximize the benefits from unbridled outreach both in the rural and the urban areas. This along with the affordable rates of advertising with the Indian Railways makes train branding the most bankable option of transit media.

    Metros also play a crucial role in solidifying the brand image further among the commuters of the urban populace. Apart from the quintessential metro wrap ads, metro services in cities like Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, etc. have been trendsetter in in-transit branding since long and feature on the to-do list of every eager company or organization looking to gain greater outreach in the ever expanding services of the metro railway in India.

    Bus Advertising

    The next most opted transit media advertising is bus branding. Buses are the lifelines for intra-state and even inter-state commute, and form the backbone of the transportation system where the railways are not so distinctively spread out, mostly in the mountainous and the arid regions of India. Both private and state owned buses operate in large numbers to transport people to these far-fetched places and to various other destinations throughout the country. Bus branding is an effective way to spread the name of your brand within both the passengers and the passers-by of the places through which the bus operates.

    Car Branding | Taxi Advertising

    With the surge of dependence on cabs for transit in the recent years, Car branding has become the ‘it’ thing in the urban transit branding map. Popular online transportation network companies in the likes of Ola, Uber, Meru, etc. have redefined how people look at transportation and this has provided a further boost to the advertising industry. With cab advertising, advertising has reached new and innovative ways to reach out to people and is definitely one of the most impressionable ways to gain a reputable brand image among the urban population of the country. 

    Car Advertising in Mumbai 

    Car Advertising in Delhi

    Car Advertising in Bangalore

    Car Advertising in Kolkata

    Car Advertising in Chennai

    Car Advertising in Pune 

    Car Advertising in India -

    Advertisement and branding have been the need of business since ages. Advertisers have always been looking for new and innovative means of showcasing their products and services in order to reach masses and increase the brand visibility.


    Car Advertising in India is the latest addition in this continuous quest for OOH advertising medium across India.  

    Types of Car Advertising in India -


    1. Complete Car wrap on the four doors of the car - Car wrap advertisement on the four doors usually consists of promotional grade vinyl adhesive sticked on all the four doors of Ola and UBER cars. MyHoardings uses the best quality material for printing of client creative used for Car Advertising campaigns in India.
    2. Car interior advertising – This type of ads are placed inside the commercial cars used by UBER and Ola. This kind of advertisement is done inside Ola and UBER cars in India. Placing laminated A4 size advertisement sheet on the backside of the front seats, so it is visible to all the Ola and UBER customers using the back seat. Two separate creatives can also be used in the same car. MyHoardings has been pioneer in the field of interior car advertising in India.
    3. Taxi top advertising - The latest addition to the cab advertising on commercial taxis and cars in India is the Taxi top branding. Taxi top advertising in India consists of placing an illuminated rectangular LED display board on top of the car. Taxi top ad are in particular very much highlighted in late evening and are most  attractive means to showcase a product in in cities like Mumbai, Kolkata and Hyderabad. It’s very catchy form of cab branding and seen with much interest by the people passing by. The rate of such type of taxi top advertising in India are calculated based on of fixed duration (In second or minutes).
    4. Car mesh advertising - In this type of car advertising in India, client ad creative is placed on the mash placed inside car and is visible from the back side glass to the commuters.
    5. Sampling - Sampling activity also can be done inside Ola and UBER taxis in India. Sample are usually given to the driver who can request commuters in the ongoing trip to check out the sample and provide feedback for the same. However, monitoring remains a challenge for this type of car advertising in India.
    6. Entertainment media screen inside cars in India – Ola Play App Advertising - This type of car advertising available with Ola Play App. This is highly targeted mode of advertisement most targeting the prime uses of cab aggregator Ola. Various types of filters are also available while using Ola Play app advertising such as Cab Type, Location and Income etc.

    Car Branding Rates in India


       Car Advertising Mode                                                                                                        Minimum Cars #                 Car Ads Rate/Car/Month

    External Door Wrap100INR 4,100
    Internal Display100INR 1,300
    Digital Screen100INR 500
    Car Mesh Ad Rates100INR 150

    Having executed 100+ car advertising campaigns in India, MyHoardings provide complete hassle free taxi branding services across all major Indian cities with  utmost professionalism and guaranteed best rates.

    With available fleet size of 10000+ of cars attached to major cab aggregator like Ola and UBER, quantity has never been an issue. On an average, the cars used in UBER and Ola remain on the roads for more than 12 hours a day which ensures maximum visibility and advertisement creative brand remains visible in major portion of the working hours.

    Benefits of Car Advertising in India -
    1. Ability to showcase your products at multiple locations in same day. Car Branding in India can be considered similar to moving billboards.
    2. Higher return on investment (ROI) as compared to traditional expensive modes of advertisement like Hoardings and Billboards.
    3. Various available filters while advertising on Ola Play App installed in premium cars.

    Mobile Van Advertising Vehicles/ Vans

    If you are looking for advertising your brand locally, mobile advertising vans are one of the most efficient ways to win the attention of people. Mobile advertising ace the other forms of local advertising options as they offer audio-visual services to the companies for branding. With the proven formula of greater receptivity of audio-visual media among people, mobile vans are surely the most trustworthy option to spread the word of your brand among people.

    The Transit Advertising options:

    ·         For trains and metros: Train Wrap Ads, Window Top Stickers, Backlit Panels, Billboards, Announcements, Interior Panels, Advertisements on the top or the bottom of route maps, etc.

    ·         For buses: Wrap Ads, Billboards and banners and ads behind seats make up in-transit branding options for buses.

    ·         For cabs: Wrap Ads, Posters, banners and pamphlets at the back of the seats of the cabs.

    ·         For mobile advertising vans: Audio-Visual panels on the body of the moving vehicle and wrap ads.

    What makes transit media branding options highly effective? 

    •Transit Media branding carries the name and the image of the brand to all kinds of places and to all kinds of people. Unlike the other outdoor advertising options, transit branding is more flexible due to its mobility and can transport your brand to a number of places, spreading awareness regarding your brand to the passengers as well as the passers-by in the roads and streets.

    •External advertising panels in transit media enjoy greater audience than the interior advertising options and give you an enormous opportunity to take your brand to even the most far-fetched and remote places of the country along with affluent and developed cities.

    •In-transit media is an infallible way to catch the attention of passengers who spend a considerable period of time in commuting. The longer the journey time, the greater the chances of impact.

    •Window Top Stickers, Interior Panels, Advertisements along with Route Maps, Announcements are the most common go-to options for in-transit railway branding. The other modes of in-transit media options include backlit panels and billboards in metros, posters and banners at the back of the seats in buses and cabs and audio-visual panels in mobile branding vans.

    •Apart from wrap advertisements, indoor branding in the transit media advertising options bring people to closest to the brands, almost to the extent of having a one-on-one interaction with the brand.

    •It is seen that the longer the time people spend in the proximity of the brand, the greater is the impact the brand has on them. This transforms the viewers into possible customers of the brand, giving you the chance to estimate the sales and correspondingly the success of the brand in the terms of revenue generation.

    •The impact of the in-transit advertising lasts even long after the journey. This creates a lasting image of the brand on the minds of people and contributes to further their curiosity and consequently, the increasing sales of your brand.

    Tips for effective Transit Media Advertising - 

    Make sure that the design of the billboard or the banner or any other kind of ad on display is creatively done so that the ad stands out distinctly to catch the attention of the maximum passers-by and passengers.

    The reach of transit media advertising is directly dependent on the number of passengers or footfalls in the major bus terminus and the railway junctions and platforms in India, and hence, it is advisable that you plan your venue and the mode of advertising wisely.

    The time duration spent on railways, metros and buses is the maximum for the Indian masses and hence, transit media is one branding option that should definitely be in your scheme of things to garner the trust and the loyalty of the greatest number of people of this country. This will not only lead you to create an indelible brand image among people but will also give you the edge to be the forerunner in the competition of your company with the other brands in the market. 

    Why choose MyHoardings for Bus/Auto/Train/Cab/Mobile Van Advertising ?

    At MyHoardings, we give offer people customizable branding options, best suited to their needs and their budget. We strictly follow the motto of delivering results through great ideas and hence, offer the most creative solutions to your branding schemes at the most affordable rates without doing away with the quality of our services by even a tiny bit. MyHoardings, over the course of time, has associated with itself with over 1000 advertising and marketing companies situated in all the major cities and even the rural areas of the country which makes it easier and sooner for us to book advertising sites, to provide with the legal aspects of advertising activities such as formalities and clearances along with securing governmental approvals in the shortest time period.

    MyHoardings also specializes in other forms of outdoor and digital advertising solutions. To know more about the latest branding approach, our working procedure and the associated rates with the various branding options, you can reach out to us by simply giving us a call at number mentioned below or you can even write to us at business [at]


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