Bus advertising in India,Roadways bus branding Branding,Bus branding in India

Why Bus Ads ?

What is Bus branding and how is it beneficial to advertisers?

Bus branding is a type of OOH advertising.Out-of-home advertising plays a major role for promotional activities for any brand. Any kind of promotional media or ad that is displayed outdoors is a part of outdoor branding. Buses being major source of commuting after Indian railways can provide vital solution for advertising need of various brands.

Bus branding is quite used these days as more brands trying to get maximum out of advertising budget they have. A lot of people use Buses for commuting to work daily, some of these Buses are company provided and some are available on routes for regular fare.Majorly, advertisers prefer state run roadways buses for branding needs as they provide reliable and economical branding services.Bus branding is a win-win situation for both parties (advertiser i.e., Brand and Bus owner/roadways department)-

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The Bus advertising is done in the form of complete exterior wrap (Like a big full body sticker) and also interior display like back seat cover (Mostly in city AC and normal buses).The exterior section gives you a large space for ad for. These Bus ply throughout the city and also various state highways. Because of the attractive colorful design on a moving object, it becomes hard to ignore.The interior bus seats and handles of the Bus are also used for promoting the brand. It quite visible and is not easy for the commuters to really ignore the ad even as they travel in the Bus for atleast 10 minutes to hours depending on the distance.This is one of its kinds of advertisement which offers
a win-win condition to all the parties that is brands.

Bus Branding is an effective advertising platform that offers high ROI when compared to other medium. A solid advertisement campaign using this medium can help boost profit margins and sales by displaying relevant campaign messages that are persuasive and give reassurance to the buyer.

Bus branding in India,Roadways bus advertisement Branding,Bus advertising in India

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