Mall advertisement in Bengaluru

Bengaluru, the capital city of the southern state of Karnataka, is the cradle of the country’s information technology and hi-tech industry. The youth from all over the country shift to the city for better academic and career opportunities and needless to say, the city epitomizes the wide diversity of culture and ethnicity in India. Advertisement opportunities are ample in the city it is booming with the population of well-to-do and conscious millennials who prefer quality over quantity. Thus, the onus majorly lies on the company and their presentational skills to win the attention of the young consumers and convince them to invest their time and money into your brand.

Listed below are a few benefits of mall advertisement in Bengaluru:

  • The thriving nightlife in Bengaluru: Malls are the go-to place for the youth in the city who not only go to the malls for apparel shopping but also for day-to-day grocery shopping and for meals, and hence, all branding will make sure that your brand gains the maximum visibility among the most probable consumers as the footfalls in the malls throughout the city is seeing an exponential growth.
  • Ample chances of tie-ups: Because of the presence of a plethora of brands and retail companies under the same roof, they are always on the lookout for lucrative tie-ups and sponsorships to aggravate their business gains. The more attractive your proposition is, the more tie-ups you are likely to win throughout the malls in the city.
    Pro tip: An advertisement in the food court is likely to win the maximum viewership as people spend the maximum time in the food court in a mall.
  • An open podium for demonstrations and contests: When you hold interesting contests and interactive demonstrations in the malls about your brand, it is going to win a positive review from the majority of people about brand image and will aid in building more curiosity around the brand. Timely organization of such programs will help you to spread a good word among your potential buyers and gain a long-term loyal companionship with your customer base.