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Does it make sense to advertise in malls in Bangalore?

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Nowadays, advertise in Malls in Bangalore has become more popular for brands to advertise their products. It is a good place to target a large group of people of different age groups.

The advertising rate in a Bangalore mall starts from an amount as low as Rs. 4,000 thereby making it affordable even for the small brands.

These are some of the popular malls in Bangalore:

• Garuda Mall – Advertising in Garuda mall is very popular. Garuda Mall is located near Brigade Road, Bangalore

• Forum Mall – Located in Koramangala, Bangalore Forum Mall advertising is very popular among brands

• Phoenix Marketcity Mall – Close to the IT hub of Whitefield, brands can advertise in Phoenix Market City, Mahadevpura to advertise

• Mantri Square Mall – Located in Malleshwaram, Mantri Square Mall is one of the large malls available for advertising in Bangalore

Media Advertising is the device by which and through the advertising messages are transmitted by the advertisers to the prospective and existing customers to build their brand value.

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