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Is there a scope of outdoor LED advertisements in Mumbai?

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LED advertisements

Parameters to think of –

1. The cost of an LED screen
2. The police restrictions
3. Will there be sound effects?
4. How many ads can change in a given period say one hour
5. How many hoardings we can erect with that high cost of LED screen
6. Can we change them remotely and how?
7. If there are no sound mere actions will have the real effect?
8. Without images just text will get you, customers?
9. Text and visuals then who will create the advertisement?
10. How ad agencies look at this proposal
11. When major portion on an ad (cost portion) whether print or TV or hoarding – is the Ad agency fees then what is left for you?
12. Are you going to have a tie-up with an ad agency?
13. Are you opening an ad agency on your own?