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What are the charges for advertising on auto rickshaw in Pune?

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The Auto Rickshaw Advertising has become a very popular and attractive way of advertising these days. Today each and every company strives for advertising their brands on the Auto Rickshaws for greater product visibility and deeper consumer reach. Such type of advertising is also cost effective and result oriented.

The USP for Auto Rickshaw branding are:

1. Cheaper rates than hoardings and print media.

2. Roaming visibility to the brand.

3. Average viewership of 500 per Auto Rickshaw.

4. Auto Rickshaw travels at-least 100 kms per day.

5. Comparatively new space and generates curiosity.

6. Cost per Unique Impression is less than any other media.

Normally there are four ways in which advertising is done on the Auto Rickshaws i.e.

i. Vinyl Pasting.

ii. Flex Stitching.

iii. Flex with Wooden Frame.

iv. Flex with MS Frame.

The size of the posters depends on its location:

a. On the Back side of the Auto Rickshaw.

b. Hood/Top of the Auto Rickshaw.

c. Whole Auto Rickshaw.

The charges for advertising on Auto Rickshaws totally depend on the size of the poster as well as on the quantity required.

The charges for approximately 100 – 200 posters ranging in sizes from 27″x 8″ to 24″x30″ is Rs.150(per auto).

For the above same sizes the price for 200-400 posters is Rs.140(per auto) and for posters more than 500 is Rs.130(per auto)

While for advertising on whole of the Auto Rickshaws for minimum 100 posters the prices start from Rs.700 (Per auto).

The prices given above include charges for PVC leather (Rexine), printing stitching cost and the material used for stitching, and installation cost.

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