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Is DOOH advertising ideal in international airports?

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The huge and attractive infrastructure of airports gives them a unique appearance.  Though airports are meant to be neat and clean, every airport ensures that the infrastructure is perfect and the passengers do not face any problems. The passengers may be domestic or international.  When it comes to the international airport, the standard must be maintained according to the international standards. An infrastructure with so much importance is an ideal place for DOOH advertising.

Does DOOH advertising suit the international airport infrastructure?

It is too difficult to answer this query. DOOH advertising refers to Digital-Out-Of-Home advertising.  The advertisements will be displayed on digital display boards and can be operated from a convenient place. The concept of DOOH advertising proves to be successful in the places where the float of the people is more.  So, yes DOOH advertising will suit international airports provided proper permissions are taken from the concerned authorities.

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What sort of DOOH advertisements can be placed in international airports?

The permissions received from the concerned authorities are a valuable asset.  Even though a certain amount is paid as rent towards placing the digital display boards there are some restrictions.  The type of DOOH advertisements that can be placed in an international airport are listed below:

Normally, frequent flying by airplane is done by professionals who can afford to purchase branded products.  Such professionals have a keen observance of new branded products.  So, when DOOH advertisements for such branded products are displayed, it becomes a good source of entertainment and there is also a chance of an increase in the list of potential customers.  

Conclusion: As the infrastructure where the DOOH advertising is done is good, a creative advertisement will do wonders.  The main concept of DOOH advertising in international airports is to entertain the passengers along will creating awareness of the products/services. Whenever an advertisement is created, it should be ensured that the conditions mentioned are satisfied.

List of Advertising Options at Airport in India

Airport NameMedia Options Available
Chennai AirportBillboards, branding in baggage area, E-ticket
Mumbai AirportConveyor bill branding, trolleys advertising
Bangalore AirportHoardings in check in area, conveyor bill branding
New Delhi Airporthoardings in check in area, conveyor bill branding, trolleys advertising
Kolkata AirportBillboards, branding in baggage area, hoardings in check in area
Goa AirportBranding in baggage area, hoardings in check in area, conveyor bill branding

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