Outdoor Advertising

    Outdoor advertising has been a powerful communication and advertising medium since ages. The medium promises mass reach and visibility like no other electronic advertising mediums. Pacing up with modern times of internet and technology even outdoor advertising is making a shift from static to digital but the change is penetrating the Indian market slowly and steadily.  Outdoor advertising remain a crucial media mix when designing an impactful advertising campaign.  Currently, outdoor advertising market is worth INR 3085 crore in India. 

    Unmatched benefits of outdoor advertising:

    • Impactful mass reach
    • Higher visibility
    • An interruptive medium of advertising
    • Brands that indulge in outdoor advertising are perceived as premium brands by the audience.
    • Enhance the overall impact of an advertising campaign that include other mediums such as television, radio, print and internet.
    • Outdoor advertising at strategic locations capture the attention of segmented audience.
    • The advent of digital hoardings, digital screens and digital billboards; the digital outdoor advertising has become more interactive, customizable and easy to monitor.
    • Captures audience's attention owing to the size, creativity and bright colours of outdoor advertisements.
    • Variety of options to pick  from!

    Outdoor adverting can be implemented through various creative mediums such as:

    Top-Pick for various sectors!
    Outdoor advertising has been a reliable and strong advertising medium for sectors like:

    • Government parties
    • Real Estate
    • Telecom 
    • Banking and Financial Institutions
    • E-commerce
    • Media and Entertainment sector
    • Automobile Industry 

    Impact of OOH (out-of-home)/ outdoor media:

    • Visual engagement: Approximately 8 out of 10 people view the outdoor message and 46% frequently look at the hoarding messages when they pass by it. The reason is the visual attractiveness of the ad.
    • Budget friendly: Outdoor ads are more budget friendly as compared to other media. TV commercials print and radio ads cost more than OOH advertising
    • Influences viewer's action: According to the reports, 4 in 10 people visit the brand store after viewing the hoardings or billboards. The OOH ad acts as trigger especially for restaurants, shopping stores and movies.
    • Prompts online traffic: Around 1 in 4 viewers tend to visit the website of the brand advertised after viewing the outdoor ad.

    What kind of audience do the brands capture through outdoor advertising?

    Outdoor publicity catches the attention of all kinds of people from all walks of life. Brands popularly known among people and advertisements with out of the box designs have the capacity to imbibe the fancy of any person whoever happens to come in close proximity to the advertising space be it a student or an employee or even an affluent businessperson. An OOH advertising campaign, therefore, can influence people from all socio-economic backgrounds and professions and thus gives you the opportunity to do an all-inclusive branding campaign to usher in more buyers of your product or service. Quirky and creative billboards and hoardings go a long way in not just relaying the message of the brand/ brands involved but also become the center of attraction of people as they jazz up the empty spaces on the roads or on the nearby spaces around the most congested and visited places in a city or a town. Hence, a plethora of advertising agencies are engaging themselves in greater numbers each day to enamor audiences with the broader aspects of outdoor publicity like hoardings, billboards, and what not.

    What makes outdoor advertising so effective?

    Out of home Advertising (OOH) is one of the oldest forms of advertising and it is still considered to be the most effective branding initiative by the marketing giants. Even to this day, outdoor advertising is the undisputed king of the advertising world in India due to its relevance and its tendency to gain more interested buyers each day. Of the myriad reasons OOH is effective, a few of them are listed below:

    A 24*7 advertising option with the option of both print and digital media alternatives.

    Outdoor advertising gives you the advantage of branding without the burden of reaching a stipulated target of people through its unregulated and interactive approach.

    The impact of outdoor advertising is unputdownable. Research shows that 86% people are enamored by all types of out of home advertising (OOH) and thus, brands mainly bank on this kind of advertising to announce their arrival in the market. The standalone visibility of the brand, the larger than life approach, strong marketing and promotional activities make outdoor advertising a highly impactful and effective source of information of your brand among people, cutting through the muddle of the other brands.

    The cost effectiveness of outdoor advertising is unparalleled. OOH advertising promises one of the largest ROIs in the advertising sector, second only to television. Evidently, the greater is the efforts and the investment put on outdoor advertising, the greater is the efficiency exhibited by OOH. 

    The time spent by people stuck in traffic is increasing with each passing day and hence the chances of spending more time around the advertisements are also increasing resulting in greater brand exposure.

    OOH advertising is known to boost the brand value and the image and hence more and more advertising companies are relying on outdoor advertising as it is a sure shot procedure to improve the ROI of the brand.

    Since the onlookers are mainly concentrated on reaching their destination while on the road and are in their highest receptivity due to lesser distractions, the brand image and the message makes its way in to the subconscious mind of the onlookers. This results in greater resonance of the brand in the minds of people and higher recall value of the brand, generating more sales.

    There is no other advertising medium which is as engaging as an out of home advertising campaign. With the right image and the right message of the brand, you can ensure greater customer interaction and loyalty for the brand.

    Outdoor advertising ensures a sustained and a prolonged awareness with the capacity of boosting the reach of the brand as OOH adds the factor of greater receptivity and popularity through outdoor advertising, thus making the other advertising options like radio, television and the online platforms a success too.   

    Lastly, location based outdoor advertising is sure to usher in more people in close proximity of the brand. It has been noticed that more than 50% of the buyers indulge in compulsive buying with less than 13% coming to the retails outlets with a set list of products and brands to purchase. Thus, outdoor advertising gives you a great scope of swaying people towards your brand as the ratio of viewers of the advertisement of your brand and that of people ultimately ending up buying the product stands at 11:9.

    Tips for effective outdoor advertising campaign:

    Since the reach of outdoor advertising is beyond that of a calculated range of target audience, it is possible to tap into any number of audience with a few well thought out approach. A few of the methods which could be adopted are:

    Make sure that you do the ground survey of the area and know the exact spots which have the probability of catching the maximum traffic. If anyone advertising company is involved in your outdoor publicity campaign feel free to ask for analysis of ground data and market research from them.  So, the traffic signals linking major roads, near a railway station, malls or even airports are the best sites to place your advertisements. This effort will not only ensure maximum outreach for your brand but will also reduce the chances of your investment failing as you will know about the most impactful places for outdoor advertising in a particular city beforehand.

    At a time when consumerism and the impact of advertisement is at the highest, newer designs and concepts seal the deal. Creative and out of the box branding increase the outreach organically as the design will infallibly create a buzz among people and have a sizeable probability of being shared among people through word of mouth promotion. Bold designs, experimental digitals and creative marketing are the effective tools to make an indelible impact on your probable customers.

    Analyze your competition in the market. Not only will this prove beneficial to you for getting ideas and inspirations for your branding initiatives but will also aid you in keeping your brand and your company ahead in the game. Your competitors will help you in garnering ample knowledge about the current advertising strategies and campaigns and will thus egg you on to come up with a more influencing marketing move. However, be careful not to take the competition too seriously by calling out your competitors openly in the public forum which will contribute nothing fruitful to your brand and can ruin the name and the reputation of your company among people entirely.

    However, be the branding and campaign initiative of your brand, you should make sure that you maintain simplicity. Through this, you can send the message about your brand in loud and clear tones which will make it easier for people to grasp the idea and the thought behind your brand. Placing images and tag lines might be the key to instant recognition to your brand as they will become the associated identity of the brand and the loci of the narration of the story behind the brand.

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