Outdoor Advertising

    Outdoor advertising has been a powerful communication and advertising medium since ages. The medium promises mass reach and visibility like no other electronic advertising mediums. Pacing up with modern times of internet and technology even outdoor advertising is making a shift from static to digital but the change is penetrating the Indian market slowly and steadily.  Outdoor advertising remain a crucial media mix when designing an impactful advertising campaign.  Currently, outdoor advertising market is worth INR 3085 crore in India. 

    Unmatched benefits of outdoor advertising:

    • Impactful mass reach
    • Higher visibility
    • An interruptive medium of advertising
    • Brands that indulge in outdoor advertising are perceived as premium brands by the audience.
    • Enhance the overall impact of an advertising campaign that include other mediums such as television, radio, print and internet.
    • Outdoor advertising at strategic locations capture the attention of segmented audience.
    • The advent of digital hoardings, digital screens and digital billboards; the digital outdoor advertising has become more interactive, customizable and easy to monitor.
    • Captures audience's attention owing to the size, creativity and bright colours of outdoor advertisements.
    • Variety of options to pick  from!

    Outdoor adverting can be implemented through various creative mediums such as:

    Top-Pick for various sectors!
    Outdoor advertising has been a reliable and strong advertising medium for sectors like:

    • Government parties
    • Real Estate
    • Telecom 
    • Banking and Financial Institutions
    • E-commerce
    • Media and Entertainment sector
    • Automobile Industry 

    Impact of OOH (out-of-home)/ outdoor media:

    • Visual engagement: Approximately 8 out of 10 people view the outdoor message and 46% frequently look at the hoarding messages when they pass by it. The reason is the visual attractiveness of the ad.
    • Budget friendly: Outdoor ads are more budget friendly as compared to other media. TV commercials print and radio ads cost more than OOH advertising
    • Influences viewer's action: According to the reports, 4 in 10 people visit the brand store after viewing the hoardings or billboards. The OOH ad acts as trigger especially for restaurants, shopping stores and movies.
    • Prompts online traffic: Around 1 in 4 viewers tend to visit the website of the brand advertised after viewing the outdoor ad.

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