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Mumbai’s Black and Yellow Taxi Top Advertising

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Mumbai resonates with Bollywood, night life and the trademark black and yellow taxis. These taxis have been the identity of Mumbai since ages. These taxis have unique connection with the city; we have seen them running on the Mumbai roads, in the movies and stuck in heavy traffic jams. The memory and association of these kalli-peeli taxis and Mumbaikars is unbreakable. This bond can function as an opportunity for advertisers to display their ads on these taxis and connect with their target audience. These taxis run all over the Mumbai and can ad wheels to a brand’s advertisement too.

Why advertise on black and yellow taxis in Mumbai?

Which brands must engage in black and yellow taxi advertising in Mumbai?

Brand that can make the most of black and yellow taxi advertising in Mumbai include:

Car Advertising Rates | Cab Branding Cost in India

Car Advertising ModeMinimum No of CarsCar Ads Rate/Car/Month
External Door Wrap100₹ 4100
Internal Display100₹ 1300
Digital Screen100₹ 500

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