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OOH Media advertising in Chhattisgarh – Benefits and Challenges.

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The state of Chhattisgarh is located in Central India and is surrounded by 9 states.  Hence the floatation of the public is more. There is a myth that it is a place of 36 forts though actual evidence is not known to date. Chhattisgarh being a state with historical importance, abundant natural resources, and tourist attractions encourages creativity.  The city is developing at a fast rate and hence is an ideal place for advertising. Not everyone can establish themselves without proper research in the field.  A focus on the benefits and challenges involved will help plan for OOH media advertising.

What are the benefits of OOH media advertising?

OOH media includes the usage of billboards, posters, radio, television, transit, etc for the promotion of products/services.  The following are some of the benefits that can be enjoyed by OOH media advertising:


What are the challenges of OOH media advertising?

Conclusion: Just like a coin has two sides, every concept has two aspects – benefits and challenges.  A balance between the two will help to succeed.

OOH Hoardings / Billboard locations In Chennai

Name CategoryLocality/LandmarkDimensionsStarting Price
Airport Road in ChennaiHoardingsTowards Kathipara30X20 Feet₹ 420000 Per Month
Airport Departure Hall in ChennaiHoardingsInside the Airport40X20 Feet₹ 300000 Per Month
Guindy Kathibara in ChennaiHoardingsTowards DLF City90X36 Feet₹ 340000 Per Month
Mount Road Nandanam in ChennaiHoardingsTeynampet Towards Airport18X40 Feet₹ 425000 Per Month
Mount Road Wallajah Signal in ChennaiHoardingsBeach Towards30X10 Feet₹ 165000 Per Month
Santhome Light House in ChennaiHoardingsTowards Marina15X20 Feet₹ 105000 Per Month
Adyar LB Road in ChennaiHoardingsTowards Mylapore15X15 Feet₹90000 Per Month
Eldams Road in ChennaiHoardingsTowards T.Nagar15X25 Feet₹ 75000 Per Month
OMR Siruseri in ChennaiHoardingsTowards Sholinganallur50X25 Feet₹ 185000 Per Month
OMR Padur in ChennaiHoardingsTowards kelambakkam20X25 Feet₹ 55000 Per Month

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