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Comparison between Transit Advertising and Traditional Hoardings Ad

traditional hoardings Ad

In the race to catch the maximum audience attention, we all actively look for the most effective advertising solution for our brand. As a result, a host of new advertising media options have sprung up in the last few decades. These new advertising innovations have revolutionized the way people consume advertising media. The more traditional forms of outdoor advertising like billboards, hoardings gave way to transit advertising and then digital advertising. Interestingly, digital advertising has seeped into all kinds of advertising media. Nowadays, traditional hoardings Ad and OOH advertising has now become digitized as well as transit media. So, digital advertising has brought forth new life to these forms of old advertising media.

However, this does not mean that the good old traditional outdoor and transit media have gone out of relevance. As India thrives mostly in the rural regions, these kinds of advertising media options are very much relevant. Moreover, both these media options are staple advertising options when it comes to branding in rural India. Although rural people might look up to TV commercials more, transit and traditional hoardings are more relatable to them.

However, though similar in some regards, traditional hoardings ad and transit advertising are two distinct advertising options. They have their different features and benefits. The comparison can be broadly discussed as:

Transit Advertising:

Traditional Hoardings Ad:

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