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Trigger high Brand Recall with Chennai RWA Advertising!

RWA Advertising,Society Gate Branding services in Chennai. How to promote business with RWA Branding and Apartment Advertising?

Society gate branding in Chennai !!

Chennai is 41st most populous city proper in the world by population. It is the 4th largest city of India with a population of approximately 6.4 Million people. The city is the capital of Tamil Nadu and very popular for its rich cultural all over the world. Not just culture, Chennai is popular among young aspirants for world class education, technology hubs and job opportunities. So, in a metropolitan city like Chennai consumers with various needs and demands are found easily. And to meet the consumers at an uncluttered and positive mind space, RWA advertising OR society gate advertising in Chennai is the best deal!

In metro cities of India like Chennai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Chandigarh, Pune, Hyderabad etc there are approximately 7800 premium residential societies in which 20M population belongs to A+ or A category. People residing in RWA societies mostly belong to working class with an average annual income of 5lakhs and above. The family units residing in these are usually nuclear families with maximum 5 members. The owners usually provide their flats for company lease or offer house on rent for employees and other families.

What comprises of RWA advertising / Society Gate Branding and what makes it unique?

RWA or society gate advertising refers to ads at the entrance gates of the RWA societies. The ad is mounted on the various entrance and exit gates of the society to get the maximum visibility for the brand advertised.

USP of Society gate advertising –

Society gate advertising or RWA advertising is a new and latest that is being used by educational, healthcare and FMCG brands for enhancing sales through innovative advertising tactics.

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