Non Traditional

    Non-Traditional Advertising

    Non-traditional advertising is form of advertising in which the brands put aside the traditional and popular advertising mediums such as print, radio and electronic and communicate to the target audience through innovative ways. The motive of implementing non-advertising is to attract audience's attention through unusual, new and out-of-the box creative advertising. Non-traditional advertising can either be used as part of media mix or can be used solely to create awareness, extend reach and visibility of the brand and for brand reinforcement.

    Non-Traditional form of advertising campaign includes:

    Street marketing

    Transit advertising

    Guerrilla marketing

    Bill letter advertising (electricity bill, gas bill and phone bill)

    Mall advertising

    No-parking boards

    IT Park advertising

    Social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.)



    Stealth Marketing

    Museums and Factory Tours

    Stunt Marketing

    Theme Parks ( Disney, Kidzania etc)

    Product Placement

    Advantages of Non-traditional advertising:

    Attracts audience by standing out from the clutter.

    Relies completely on creativity, surprise element, innovation and uniqueness.

    Format of non-traditional advertising is such that it is hard for the audience to ignore the communication massage.

    Suits both small and big business but highly fruitful for smaller brands as the investment is less but can fetch in huge returns.

    Can reach niche as well as mass audience.

    Low- cost

    The key to an effective non-traditional advertising campaign is to attract the audience's attention off-guard through unusual creative, catchy slogans and distinctive size and placement of the ad. To implement non-traditional advertising in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Indore, Chandigarh, Kolkata etc. at most competitive rates in India contact us at