Tech Park Branding in Kolkata

Tech Park Branding in Kolkata

The ‘City of Joy’ Kolkata with the motto of ‘Bengal Means Business’ has been expanding each day to churn out more job opportunities in the IT and the corporate sector. With a rapid development scheme undertaken by the city which includes business meets and events, the city has started its quest to be included in the list of the elite cities in India which is otherwise known for its creative masterminds which the city has borne or influenced ever since its formation.

In this journey of modernization, the city has seen an exponential surge in the employment and economic generation from the private sectors especially in the last five to eight years which has led to a hefty number of migrations from different parts of the country into the city. The locus of the IT companies in the city is in the Sector V of the Salt Lake City which has become an economic promoter in the city. Hence, if you are one among those who is looking to expand the reach of his company and wants to capitalize the sales of the company on brand image, the Tech Park in Kolkata is one such place where you can enjoy unlimited response from an advertising venture in the Tech Park.
The highest earners are consequently the ones who spend the most in buying good products and unlike the masses, invest in quality than quantity.

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Catching the attention and the viewership of the IT employees thus, becomes a crucial advertising move to increase sales and build a lasting customer base, who will stick around with your company if they find your goals and your brand worthy of investing time and money. Not only will this help you to maintain a regular sales figure of your brand but also create a good and positive reputation of it which will ensure that the company is in the good books of most of the employees in the near future.

Tech Park Branding in Kolkata will thus go a long way in not just spreading a good word among the local employees but will help you spread your business to the other cities especially in the cities of the north-east as Kolkata serves as the regional business centre and the headquarters of many companies located in the eastern part of India, besides the fact that the city houses a sizeable population of the North-East.
There are quite a number of ways to establish a proper relationship of your brand to the probable customer base in a tech park, a few of which includes:

  • Pillar Signage: They are the most efficient in advertising your brand as not only are they budget-friendly but they catch people’s eyes easily with creative and quirky designs.
  • Standees: Coupled with a strong tagline, standees are an excellent media option to build curiosity and eventually, grab the attention of the employees.
  • Hoarding: Nothing can go wrong with the big old fashioned hoardings in tech parks as they will occupy a sizeable area in the compound and jazz up the place with its vibrancy.