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What are the benefits of television advertising?

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TV advertisement is seen as one of the most effective tool to promote a product or service yet it has both pros and cons. Generally it has much more pros than cons. Since most people around the world spend much of their time watching TV, TV advertisement should be seriously considered especially for medium to big-size businesses. According to research, most people spend their time at least 5 hours for watching television. TV advertisement is basically a combination of both audio and video which could make advertisement message more appealing than advertisement on magazine, newspaper, or radio. We can say that TV advertisement is one of the mass media advertisement that must not be ignored.

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Build the Mass Customers

In the globalization world, TV advertising is such a tool that can gain and build the popularity of a business very fast, and it is also a tool that help promote the products of your business effectively. Your products will be in high demanding level and trafficked in regional as well as in national level. TV advertising effectively makes uses of print, video, audio, still photos, motion, light, and graphic to gather the mass attention from the customers around the world. The products and services of your business are probably repeatedly shown through TV advertising to almost everyone in almost everywhere around. For instant, in India there are over 134 million households with television and most of them are having access to Cable TV and Satellite.

Creativity and Affordability

Creativity might be considered as one of the best benefits of TV advertising. Normally the possibilities of TV advertisement of commercial production are as limitless as the budget that you have to produce them. Although your business is a small one, your business is still able to access to the medium or big client by producing a TV commercial that works. Beside creativity, it is its affordability. Not only a big business or company but also small business can be able to buy TV Advertisement, because the price of spots is not too high or expensive which you could not afford to have one.

Speed and Demography of TV Advertisement

TV advertising is a very fast way to advertise the commercial products or to deliver the advertising message to its costumer. A television commercial spot is not long, on average it runs about 30 seconds. In the length of 30 seconds, television spot is able to delivers a brand image, content of information, content of emotion as well as content of action. A food company, for example, may achievably show case all of these by exhibiting a list of food products, sample or package of products, quality or benefit of products, procedure of producing products, packaging, logo, and other appealing activities. Moreover, based on the popularities of TV advertising allows business to attract to a wide cross section of the population. Due to the large scale use of the technology, television viewers include members from almost every demographic classification. It means that your advertisement will be able to deliver and catch the attentions from people living anywhere throughout the world.

In brief, if you want to make your business succeed, you must not ignore TV advertising. Even though it costs much if compared to other advertising systems such as radio, magazine, and so one, it far better builds your costumer as well as make your business become well-known more quickly.