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What are the best mobile advertising networks to promote your app on android?

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App advertising

Mobile Advertising can be seen from two different perspectives. On one hand, it helps you raise your installs volume as it allows you to reach out to new markets and promote your app across new audiences. And on the other hand, it helps you get some extra money by placing advertising from third-party companies inside your app.

You can use:

  • Native Ads

Native ads can adopt the format and function of the app they appear at. That is, they can be designed to look alike the design of the app. They would come into view as objects in which a content ad or download install button are inserted.

  • Interstitial Ads

Interstitial ads cover the interface of the app they are appearing at and can be displayed at different transition points in the app. Users can either tap on the ad and be redirected to the download page or website, or close it and continue using the app they were using.

  • Banner Ads

Banner ads can be displayed anywhere in the layout. They come in rectangular images or texts, appearing on the screen while the users are viewing the app content. Often they are automatically refreshed after some time.

  • Video Ads

Video ads come as short video clips (around 60 seconds) that can appear anywhere in the layout and aim to promote a certain product or service.

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