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What is the best way to present ads on a mobile app?

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The #1 thing to remember is that the ad should be specifically designed and optimized for mobile.

Here are a few guidelines and tips we follow:

• Resize your mobile ad—pinching and zooming can be an uncomfortable (and unpleasant) experience, diminishing the user experience
• Resizing leads to less room for content. A mobile ad cannot have as much content as a desktop ad. Focus on the information that will aid in conversion. We make sure our users are not overwhelmed with information by reducing large blocks of text in exchange for easy-to-follow bullet points
• Prioritize content and features for mobile users by using site analytics to learn what mobile users are using
• Since Flash does not work on many mobile devices, we recommend HTML5 for animation
• Adapt ads for vertical and horizontal orientations
• Reduce the number of steps required to complete the transaction. We minimize the number of fill-ins for users and aim to imbed multiple pages with reminders of the positive effects users will receive from each respective offer
• Compress images to keep them small for faster site loading
• We also do not overlook the time it takes to load an ad. Users expect ads to load as quickly as their desktop version (aka 3 seconds or less). Ads that transfer users to a non-optimized site or desktop browser will not convert as well.
• Use checkboxes, lists, or scroll screens to make data entry easy

If interested, we have a very talented in-house creative team as well as a big network of premium publishers so we can design and deliver your mobile ad from beginning to end.