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PA Gorakhpur Express Train Advertising

Pa Gorakhpur Express Train Branding

Name of Train Train Number Station Originate Station Terminate Number of State Covering
Pa Gorakhpur Express 11037/38 Pune Gorakhpur Jn(GKP) Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh

Various Transit media options for Advertising

  • 01


    Train Advertising

    Train advertisement consist of train wrap ads for brand visibility.
  • 02

    Bus Advertising

    Bus ads may either be back panel wrap or complete body wrap branding.
  • 03

    Car Advertising

    Car wrap on all 4 doors and internal branding (Back side of front seats) can be a highly targeted mode of consumer attention.
  • 04

    Auto Branding

    One of most economical and impact creating mode of transit media ads. Can be highly beneficial for brands with limited marketing budgets.

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FAQ’s for Train Branding Services in India

What is Train Advertising? Train advertisement consist of various branding options including train wrap ads, merchandise promotion inside train including tray and back seat cover ads.
Is branding on Trains legal in India? Yes. Train advertising rights are granted by Indian Railways department to the Ad Agencies.
What is actual reach for advertising on train? Actual reach of train branding on train consist of Audience exposure at source and destination stations, Audience passengers on adjoining platforms, people present on stoppage Indian Railway stations and the distance travelled by train during day-time.
What is exterior train wrap branding? Is it possible for above mentioned train? External train wrap consist of placing client advertisement on complete train body of coaches. It’s most visible and effective mean of advertising on trains in India. These large size ads are highly visible and can boost brand visibility and awareness to new levels.
How much does it cost for train Advertising services in India? MyHoardings provide best rates for advertising on Indian Railway Trains in India and other transit media advertising options like Car advertising / Bus advertising in India. Our card rates are most competitive for branding on Trains. Please drop us an email at business [at] OR call the number mentioned above (Top right corner) for more details.
Is the advertisement wrap done on both sides of train? Yes. Client ad creative is wrapped on both sides of train.
How many states do this train cover on the journey? The details regarding train stoppages and states covered is present in “Data” section mentioned above.
What is the minimum number of coaches / trains required for Train Branding campaign in India? Minimum campaign duration and requirement for train advertisement is for single coach for period of 1 month
Is there a possibility of discounts on train advertising rates? Discounted rates of advertising on Indian Railway trains are available for branding campaigns with duration more than 2 months.
Total cost for Train Advertising consists of which components? Total cost involved in train advertisement comprises of Train rental + Printing Charges + Mounting Charges + Taxes
Is complete Train wrap allowed for branding on Indian Trains? The permission for full train Wrap advertising varies for various trains. Contact MyHoardings to know more.
How the ROI for Train Advertising in India can be compared to other OOH advertising media options like Hoarding, Billboards, Transit Ads, Airport advertising etc.? Due to large number of daily commuters using trains as mode of transport, train advertisement can be a boon to advertisers looking to enhance their brand visibility and awareness among the masses. Usually the train advertising ROI remain higher than other traditional modes of advertisement.
Who is responsible for any torn/damage to the ad creative while train advertisement campaign is live? Although the chances are unlikely, still in case any damage to creative takes place, MyHoardings will ensure to get it replaced within working days. Also, the additional printing and mounting charges incurred due to any such damage or torn due to natural phenomena like rains / thunderstorm / earthquake etc. has to be borne by the client.
Are the taxes included in the above mentioned rates for Train branding in India? No. GST charges are extra.
Who take care of permissions required for advertisement on Indian Railway trains? Yes. Permissions are required for advertising on Indian Railway trains. MyHoardings takes care of all permissions required for train branding in India for clients.
Are there any kind of restrictions on type of advertisement to be displayed on express trains? Ads need to be approved from appropriate authorities before going live. Ads promoting vulgarity and potential of causing civil disturbance are NOT allowed.
Apart from train advertising, can MyHoardings help execute other type of advertising campaigns in rest of India as well? Yes, we can. Please contact us at number mentioned above or drop us an email at business [at]

Advertising Options at Indian Railway Stations

S. No.Ad Options at StationsMedia Category
1Hoardings Outdoor
4Audio AnnouncementsAudio/Video
5Ads inside TrainsTransit
6Train Wrap Transit