Bangalore Tech Park Branding

Advertising in Bangalore IT Tech Parks

Bangalore now known as Bengaluru is the capital city of Karnataka. It is a mega city with a population of over ten million. Bangalore is also known as the silicon valley of India or the IT capital of India because it is the leading IT exporter. Some major IT companies like ISRO, HAL, WIPRO etc has its headquarters in Bangalore. The work force of Bangalore is also highly educated.

Since Bangalore is the IT hub of our nation, there are some major IT parks in Bangalore that caters to the needs of the companies. There are various IT parks in Bangalore like International Tech Park, Manyata Tech Park, Prestige Tech Park, Bagmane Tech Park and many more.

These tech parks host some really big IT companies and have a great footfall which makes them a really god place for advertising a product or a brand. Bagmane Tech Park host 10 big IT companies where as Manyata has the SEZ area and is spread across 110 acres of land. RMZ infinity is another Tech Park which is very good for advertisement as it has an oval concourse area and vibrant atmosphere. Embassy golf links Business Park host some big financial institute like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs which makes this place a apt place to advertisements.

Advertising in IT parks has proven to be really beneficial as the target audiences are educated, business owners, working class and decision makers. An impactful advertisement that can help the audience make informed decision and which clearly signifies that benefit of the buyer can work wonders here. Unlike other places this place guarantees to catch the eyes of the audience.

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