Office Space Advertising

    Office Space advertising

    Technology and innovation has seeped into our daily lives, making it better and easier. Not only gadgets but even the commercial and residential buildings too have been highly impacted by cutting edge technology of modern times. Office spaces or building are no more isolated buildings with mundane outlook but today the commercial buildings are highly innovative with state of the art architect infused with modern amenities. The real estate developers have modified the office space building into well organised, spacious and modern work spaces. These are high rise building with multi-floors that accommodate offices of different companies under one big roof. The modern office spaces aims at hassle free co-working environment.

    Advertising has found a new ally in the form of these corporate / office space buildings and tech parks. Apart from gracing the working space with quirky yet creative designs, office space advertising gives you the advantage of having the closest interaction with your probable customers as employees and professionals from these corporate offices are the most likely buyers of quality services and products with good brand reputation. Office space advertising gives your company and your brand ample scope to advertise your brand throughout an office building in the myriad spaces of the office like office lobbies, elevators, canteens, lawns and even restrooms where you can win the attention of not only the employees but also the visitors in the office. 

    Top Tech Spaces/ office spaces in India:

    Facilities in modern office spaces:

    • Serviced Offices/ Plug and Play offices
    • Co-working spaces
    • Meeting rooms
    • Virtual offices
    • Conference halls
    • 100% Power Backup
    • Uninterrupted power supply
    • Round the clock security
    • Water supply
    • Central air-conditioning
    • Lifts and escalators
    • Food courts
    • Gymnasium
    • Health club
    • Spa centres
    • ATMs
    • Banks and Financial services
    • Parking

    Advertising in office spaces

    The world-class infrastructure and modern facilities make these office spaces a refined working place. These organised working spaces become lucrative advertising sites too. Advertising at these office spaces are top priority of brands whose target audience are mainly the business class of society.

    Characteristics of target audience at office spaces:

    • Educated
    • Well-informed
    • Decision makers
    • Professionals
    • Expatriate workers
    • Brand Conscious
    • High-Income level consumers
    • Foreign visitors

    Brands that can make most from advertising at office spaces:

    • Banks
    • Insurance companies
    • Travel and Tourism
    • Health care
    • Home loan 
    • Real Estate companies
    • International Luxury brands of perfumes, clothing line, accessories, shoes etc.
    • Restaurants and food chains

    Benefits of Office space advertising:

    • 24x7 power backup lets your ad be live day and night.
    • Illumination provides attractiveness and catch viewer's attention instantly.
    • Brand reaches directly to segmented audience.
    • Facilitates high ROI for B2B advertising.
    • Uncluttered advertising space.
    • A well organised and spacious advertising space inevitably draws attention to advertising material.
    • The space within office is well illuminated and has various points for promotions such as elevators, washrooms and lobby areas. 

    What makes Office Space / Tech Park Advertising significant in recent times?

    Office Space Advertising has a definite and a constructive impact on the branding of a company. Modern architectural marvels and the scope of Office Space / Tech Park Advertising has shown a new path to the advertising world by creating an advertising podium which has unparalleled reach and benefits. The larger than life advertisements, the highly illuminated advertisement panels for digital media option space, the sophisticated and the state of the art infrastructural back up along with 24*7 power gives IT Tech park advertising a distinct identity to itself which can be noticed from far away spaces in the city and is at times synonymous to the progress and the image of the city.

    Investing special time and efforts in branding initiatives certainly result in unfathomable benefits as you have the advantage of advertising your brand to brand conscious people, practicing different lifestyles and beliefs and to people of different cities who pay regular visits to these offices. These advantages make Office Space Advertising in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and Pune a sure shot recipe to the early success of your brand.

    Office space advertising options:

    •  Digital ads via digital screens and hoardings.
    •  Posters and banners on the doors of the elevators and inside the elevators.
    •  Banners and posters in the lobby areas.
    •  Posters in the restroom.
    •  Brand Kiosks
    •  Events and Exhibitions
    •  Wi-Fi advertising
    • Lobby Branding
    • Signage on Pillars
    • Escalator Branding
    • Washroom Branding
    • Banners and signage in the canteen or food court
    • Signage on walls
    • Pedal Dock, etc.
    • Banners in the lawn or in the entrance area of the office.

    Tips for Efficient Software Tech Park Advertising

    Software Parks and IT Parks are the epicenters of consumerism and hence, of all the advertising activities and promise ample opportunities for branding. To make Office Space Advertising a thriving initiative, the following methods could be adopted to garner the maximum impact:

        • Make sure that your designs are not too crowded and colorful. The corporates only identify with minimalist design ideas which reflect the goals and the ideals of    the brand. Hence, extra care should be taken by Advertising companies to make the designs sleek and effective.

        • While designing an advertisement it should be kept in mind that the employees and the working professionals in a corporate organization belong to several other    Indian cities rather than just the indigenous city. Apart from this, the offices also receive a fair number of visitors from major international cities. Hence, the    communication message conveyed through these designs should be universal with the right mix of the regional ethnic values and culture.

        • Digital media advertising options play a big role in decorating an office space along with doubling up as efficient platforms for the spreading the news and the    views of the brand, thus helping build a strong brand image and brand value among people.

        • The employees are arguably more attentive to miscellaneous things during their breaks or their recesses. Hence, advertisements at office lobbies, canteens, smoke rooms and restrooms play a sizeable role in creating a powerful brand image and in generating a sizeable curiosity about the brand in the minds of the people, which will result in a boost in the sales of your product.

        • Care should be taken to maintain a uniform theme and feel about your brand in the office space advertising with the right proportion of dynamism and design. 

        • And finally since sustainability is the need of the hour, you need to ensure that you put through the message of sustainability in the various media advertising    options in the Tech Park advertising so that the concerned people get influenced and impressed by your approach to sustainability and indulge in your brand more    to make your brand a new rage among the youth populace of the city. They are extremely helpful in furthering your plans of outreach as once content with the     services of the brand, they will themselves engage in spreading positive feedback about your brand through local word-of-the-mouth promotion and through media     outreach practiced at their own personal level.

    Why choose MyHoardings for Office Space / Tech Park Branding?

    MyHoardings is the one-stop-solution for all your branding and marketing needs. Our team at MyHoardings specializes in outdoor advertising as well as traditional and non-traditional ways of advertising as we offer people customizable branding options, best suited to their needs and their price range. We exercise strict professionalism and have developed a strong understanding of the advertising world through our years of tireless striving to excel at our efforts. We are driven by the principle of delivering results through great and effective ideas and hence, offer the most creative solutions to your branding schemes at the most affordable rates without doing away with the quality of the standards of our services by even a tiny bit.

    MyHoardings is an advertising agency which, over the course of time, has associated with itself with over one thousand advertising company and marketing companies situated in all the major cities and even the rural areas of the country which makes it easier and sooner for us to book advertising sites inside Software tech parks, to provide with the legal aspects of advertising activities such as formalities and clearances along with securing governmental approvals in the shortest period of time.

    MyHoardings also specializes in other forms of outdoor and digital advertising solutions. To know more about the latest branding approach, our working procedure and the associated rates with the various branding options, you can reach out to us at number mentioned below.

    Join hands with us in your quest to establish greater outreach and mass appeal for your brand through efficient promotional and advertising activities in an attempt to revolutionize the way the world looks at the medium of media and advertising. 

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