Branding in Cyber Park, Electronics City, Bangalore

Cyber Park, Electronics City, Bangalore

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FAQ’s for Advertising in Bengaluru IT Parks:

What is Tech Park advertising? Tech Park Advertising consists of promotional activities done inside corporate IT parks to showcase a particular product or service in order to achieve higher visibility, brand awareness and sales.
Is Tech Park branding available in Tier-II cities as well? Most of Office space branding options with MyHoardings are with Major Indian cities only.We’re in expansion mode.
What are various options for Advertising in Corporate Offices? Signages | Lift Door Ads | Food Court Ads | Cycle Docking Stations | Kiosks | Parking Entrance Ads | Signages
What is minimum duration for Ad Campaign in Bangalore Tech Parks? Ad campaign duration depends on media selected. A Kiosk can be booked even for a day, whereas ads on Billboards and Cycle docking stations are booked for minimum of 1 month.
Do MyHoardings also monitors while Ads are Live in Bangalore IT Parks? Monitoring services are also provided by MyHoardings to provide Daily / Weekly updates regarding mounted media.
What is the break-up of Total cost involved in Software/IT parks branding? Total cost of Office Space Advertising in Bangalore consist of Rentals,Printing,Mounting and Permissions.
Is the data regarding number of employees working in “Cyber Park” Tech Park available? List of companies and data regarding number employees working in “Cyber Park” IT park is available.
Can the Ad spaces in “Cyber Park” IT park booked online? Yes. MyHoardings platform provide facility to book and pay online for an Ad Space in IT Parks for corporate office advertising.
Is the cost of promoters included for placing Kiosks in common areas? No. Promoters have to be paid additionally. The mentioned priced is ONLY for Kiosk rentals in corporate offices.
Can we advertise in “Food Courts” of corporate offices? Yes we can. Food court Pillars,Wall areas,tables and Kiosks are available for Ads in IT Tech Parks.
Do we need separate permissions for advertising in office spaces in India? MyHoardings take care of all necessary permissions and NOC’s required for your Ad Campaign.
Are All kind of Ads allowed for Advertising in IT Parks? There are limitations for certain industry Ads (Depends on IT Park). Call +91 9953-847639 to know more.
What are payment terms for planning Tech Park Ad campaigns? Payment is 100 % Advance for first campaign. Recurring Ad bookings are defined with separate criterion.
Is Cycle docking station Ad space available in all Tech Parks? No. Ad on Cycle docking stations is available in selected IT Parks in Bengaluru,Gurgaon,Chennai and Hyderabad.
What proof is provided as Tech Park advertising campaign execution? Photos of First and Last Day of Tech Park advertising campaign will be provided.
Can the list of previous clients who opted for same Ad spaces be shared? It can be shared in case a genuine need is there.
Is the cost of booking Ad spaces for Tech Park advertising final as mentioned here? These are the most competitive rates compared to other industry peers. Still there is scope for discussions based on the size and duration of “Ad Booking” order while advertising in Bangalore office spaces.
What locations are the Signages placed inside Software Tech parks? Signages are placed at locations with high footfall inside corporate offices, in order to ensure maximum visibility
for your advertisement.
Do MyHoardings take care of designing of creative as well? Yes. MyHoardings can help you with professional designing services for your Ad creative for a price.
Is the list of companies available for “Cyber Park” “IT Park” ? Yes. Contact +91 995384-7639 or drop your requirement at business [at]