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What prevents small businesses to make use of DOOH advertising?

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Without beating around the bush. Costs.

Small businesses with a marketing budget should always make sure to spend it in the right direction and make the most out of it.

DOOH has as traditional advertising it requires a lot of investment in just one strategy and it is not certain that your ROI will be positive. Costs are not the only barrier though. What could prevent small businesses to make use of digital out-of-home advertising is the lack of understanding of the medium. They might don’t even know where to start.

That’s why it is much wiser for smaller businesses to go digital in their advertising efforts. Statistics say that 75% of new customer meet different brands for the first time online. But putting the statistics aside, also because sponsoring on facebook or twitter is cheap.

That being said, if your plan is to grow your small business, it is also true that relying only on digital advertising, in the long run, can cuts your brand off from the opportunities others types of advertising offer to get in front of the customer and differentiate your brand from the competitors.

For example, DOOH, not only drives sales but helps to be perceived as long-established and credible. Furthermore, it is well known that go hyperlocal can offer to small business a plethora of benefits.

The bad news is the barriers we mentioned earlier are still there. That’s why it is important for small business to clearly define their marketing goals and use the channel to reach them.

In the future, new ad technologies such as HYGH will allow even small businesses to use DOOH advertising in a much simpler way, without the intermediaries that separate the advertiser from the screen owner, and at a lower cost.

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