Digital Advertising

    Imagining life without internet or digital media is almost impossible today. In last ten years, the digitization has impacted our lives in a huge way. Be it smart phones, digital television sets, digital sound systems, digital screens, digital watches everything has a digital version. 'Digital media' represents the modes of communication that utilities machine-readable formats. The media generated in digital language can be easily viewed, stored, shared and modified on all digital electronics in various digital formats. The amalgamation of digital media with the internet has brought about a revolutionary change in the way we communicate in today's times. Apart from the telecommunication and cable network industry, digitization has also impacted the advertising industry immensely.

    Digitization and Advertising

    Advertising industry has found new, unique and effective ways to communicate to the target audience through the use of digital mediums, internet and World Wide Web. Through digital advertising the advertisers and brands can now reach to their consumers in more personalized way. The communication message can be designed on the basis of needs, demographics and psychographics of a particular audience rather than designing one communication message for all. 

    The digital features like real-time data monitoring, web browsing history, search results and other data collection tools are utilized to formulate accurate, customized and impactful digital ad campaigns. The result of such precise and meaningful digital advertising is higher brand awareness, better brand recall, and higher sales and increased consumer base.

    Exploring the digital advertising avenues:

    •Website Advertising

    Website advertising appears on the landing pages or content pages of a particular website. The ads are displayed on the website in various forms such: 

    Banner ads - Ads with text and images. The ads run like banner on the website page and prompt the visitors to take an action. Words like 'Click Here', 'Buy Now', 'Get Free Discounts' etc try to attract attention of the website viewer. 

    Leader Board Ads- They are rectangular shaped ads that appear as soon as the website is opened. They are placed at the top most position of the website.

    Interstitial ads- These full screen ads that appear on the website front.

    Run-on-Site ads- These ads can randomly appear on any page of the website 

    Mid-Page-Units (MPUs) - These are the website ads that appear specifically on the middle pages of any website.

    Smartphone Advertising

    The smart phone era has taken the digital advertising to new heights. According to the reports the India is the 2nd largest smart phone market in the world. The unprecedented growth in the smart phone users with internet services is attributed to lower and cheaper data rates, higher data consumption, rise in online payment apps etc. The rise of smart phone users has directly impacted the growth rate of mobile advertising.  

    Mobile or smart phone advertising includes SMS ads in-app ads.

    Social Media Advertising

    The popular social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tubmlr, Pinterest, Periscope, Vimeo etc. allow users to share photographs, videos or any other personal or social content on these websites. These social media platforms are very popular among all age-groups as they give the power of sharing content in the hands of user itself. The concept of 'followers' has heightened the ripple impact of communication message shared on social media platforms. These platforms are also very popular for the fact they are common content sharing sites for both commoners and celebrities.

     Digital outdoor Advertising

    Along with other mediums outdoor advertising too has been influenced by the digital era. The digitization of this medium has enabled brands to target their target audience more precisely and personally. Outdoor advertising is known for generating mass reach and visibility but with digital outdoor advertising this medium gets a new avatar where it can target segmented audience through mass mediums such as digital screens, digital hoardings, digital billboards, digital signage etc. 

    Digital outdoor advertising make use of real-time data to monitor the target audience and presents communication message accordingly.  For instance if a digital signage is placed at traffic signal, the advertisers can play different ads at different times of the day. A 'sale ad' can be displayed during the evening while a 'happy-hour discount ad' can be played during late hours.

    Influencer Marketing

    The influencers are people or celebrities on various social platforms that have huge fan base or followers. This is a covert form of digital advertising where influencers talk about a particular product in their video or demonstrate how to use the same. 

    Which sectors are spending the highest in digital advertising market?

    The sectors that constantly raising their consumer base through digital advertising include:

    1. Banking and Financial Institutions

    2. E-Commerce

    3. Telecom Service Providers

    4. Travel and Tourism Industry

    Why digital advertising more effective than tradition one?

    Digital advertising advantages:

    Precise targeting through real-time data monitoring and data collection and analysis.

    Digital advertisements can be easily controlled and customised remotely.

    The engagement and attention span of the target audience can be extended by playing digital ads in native languages and presenting personalised content across various digital devices.

    The digital advertising is suitable for both low budget and high budget advertising campaigns.

    Digital advertising has measurable ROI.

    How much a digital advertising campaign cost?

    As mentioned above the digital advertising fits all businesses and ad campaigns as the factors that determine the cost can be altered according to the budget of the same. The cost determining factors include:

    Target Group 

    Advertisement quality

    Competitors that are bidding for the same keyword or audience as yours on any website.

    Duration and time slot of the advertisement.

    The website traffic on which you wish to post your ad.

    How can we measure the effectiveness of digital advertisements?

    There are certain tools and terminologies that help you understand and calculate the effectiveness of any advertising campaign. These terms include:

    Impressions: Explains how many times a user exposes itself to a particular online advertisement. 5 time views =5impressions.

    CTR (Click through Rates): It is the ratio that explains as to out of the total impressions, how many times does a user actually click the ad to reach the landing page of the advertised website or brand.

    Conversion: Conversion rate is the advertiser's expectations from the advertising campaign.  The fulfilment of actions such as 'click ad', 'fill the form', 'visit website', 'call now', 'download the app' etc. by the target audience is termed as conversion.

    Frequency Capping: Here the advertisers can restrict the audience from viewing the ad after a limited period of time.

    Call to action: The ads where the audience is promoted to take the action as soon as possible. The ads run with tags like 'book now', 'call now', 'sign-up now', 'download now' etc.

    How digital advertising more accurate in nature than traditional advertising?

    The digital advertising is more precise in nature as the advertisers can make use of latest technologies such as:

    Geo Targeting:  The advertisers can target a specific audience based on the location, city or other demographical aspects. 

    Audience Targeting: The audience can be targeted on the basis of gender, age, occupation, lifestyle, income status etc. 

    Websites with high unique and daily visitors in India.

    • Google
    • YouTube
    • Facebook
    • Yahoo
    • Amazon
    • Flipkart
    • Cricbuzz
    • Indiatimes
    • Instagram
    • Quora
    • Sarkariresult
    • NDTV
    • Rediff
    • Naukri
    • LinkedIn
    • Twitter
    • Book My Show
    • Manormaonline

    Endless digital advertising options to choose from:

    Google Display: Promote website traffic, app download, support offline ad campaign, B2B marketing, promoting offline sales through online ads.

    Social Media platforms:  Increases offline sale through online research pulls youth and student audience, promoting social cause.

    Facebook: Lead generation, mass reach.

    LinkedIn Reaches decision makers, professionals.

    YouTube/Hotstar: Support offline campaign through online ads.

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